What rosin press bags are you using? Why?

I’m currently only running the Sasquash bags 3x9 and 4x12 35u bags. I performed a ton of R&D on various bags at the time of these performed the best. Currently the bags I’m using are on back order and I’m trying to get some feedback from the community to see if you guys have any other companies that you are using.

Thank You

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I really need to find another reliable 3x9 bag.

I’ve been very happy with the rosin evolution 25u bags. My buddy tried switching over to some 37u bags and had noticeably more contaminants leaking through, without much more of a weight gain.

I don’t think they have 3x9 is the one issue there.


I’ll check them out thank you


They have 3x10 that’s gonna work.


Hell yeah, I haven’t had a blowout with these in ages. Seems like the main cause for blowouts in the past has been from not drying the hash quite long enough, or goin too high on pressure. Been keepin it less than 2k with great results though.