What next? Questions from a pharmer.


We’ve been hard at it and have managed to successfully create several consistant strains that remain extremely high in terpene production, above average CBD potential, all in the while remaining under hemp regulations for THC content…
We are interested in providing the highest quality (medicinal consumable) end product without extensive mechanical or chemical manipulation…
What would be the best route?

(experimantal CO2 crude is coming out at 55%CBDa and <1% THCa before any filtration or scrubbing.)

“Hemp that tastes so good you’ll smoke it for the health of it”


direct infusion into MCT or Coconut oil?

Russo shows better extraction with warm olive-oil than ethanol. and brings more terps too. of course ymmv.


Olive oil… who knew


of course you can’t evaporate the olive oil to get a concentrate, but as a solution to the question as posed, it seems to warrant looking into.

easy. effective. about as minimalist a delivery system as you can get without setting it on fire.


Not that im not interested in lighting things on fire :wink: For a higher concentratiin in tge carrier oil, would you say pressure and heat would be appropriate for maintaining the yummy terpenes?? Have been reading about cavatation and sonication for means of super saturation in solvents… Same idea based on the physics I presume?

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