What micron size and material for mesh bag during soak?

Hi. I’m looking at doing some “room temp” ethanol soaks on my hemp flower. I guess by room temp I mean in my Unheated garage in Minnesota in October. I have a 100 gallon tank that I am going to be doing my soak in. The end goal is to make Full spectrum CBD topicals for my business. I’m still working on details but I plan on soaking 25 pounds of finely broken up flower in approximately 30 gallons of ethanol. I’m still trying to work on proper soak times but I’m shooting for a 1 day soak. Should I go more or less?

My main question is what type of mesh bag should I place in my tank to hold the flower during the soak? What is a safe material to use and what micron size should I be looking for?

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Thank you!

Hi Nyservices, what most of our customers are using for Biomass bags are in the 70-75um range. We do have a number of customers using 50um. You don’t want to get to tight as it will inhibit the flow material out of the bag, but at the same time, keep the “mass/flower” inside. Thank you!

200 micron is fine. Pour the liquid thru smaller microns after the initial soak and drain.
Rinse with fresh ethanol to get all the goodies.
1 day is wayy to long, go for like 1 hr max.
I do 15 min max on -60c material, so honestly 5 min at “cool” “room temp” should be sufficient.

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