What micron bubble bag for mushroom extract?

Hey guys, what micron bubble bag should I use for filtering a mushroom, cold water and ethanol slurry? I was thinking 160 or 190 but wanted to ask here.

what are you trying to filter out thats between those microns?

A much finer micron would better I filter mine over D.E bed of powders and the goodies still remain in the dissolved etoh. Although it may not be possible w etoh like that maybe water extraction which I know nothing about other than making a tea


What are you trying to accomplish?


Da fuck?


I’m pouring a bit of ethanol over dried fruits, then covering the remainder with a bit of ice cold water, tiny bit of lemon juice and agitate the mixture. I then filter, to use the liquid in a gummy recipe. My goal is to filter out as much of the solids as possible, without losing a significant degree of the desired compounds.


Why not use honey. Let your shrooms soak in honey for a while, I forget how long and then use 160um bubble bag with nitrile gloves on? That’s just my guess.


Basically, solids. I’m not very myco-savvy, but the goal has always been in my mind to retain as much of the mixture as possible while filtering out solids that would be nasty in my gummy recipe.

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You’d want to filter as low as possible. But I don’t think bubble bags is gonna be the best way to do this.

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Coffee filters. Keep it simple


Squeeze through a larger mesh bubble bag right into the finest. Easy peasy to give a Lil squeezy. Then run through un filtro de cafe after that and your paper shouldn’t clog so much.

On the other hand, buchner and celite ftw.

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Maybe something like this after a coffee filter if you want to get all the spores out


Coffee filters have been too slow for us, even with most of the solids already strained out. That dust just clogs up filter paper. Thought the bubble bag might work better. Buchner obviously would work well, but the people I work with often can’t be bothered to change filter media or ensure optimal operation of delicate equipment.

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Do you have any 3" or smaller triclamp spools?

You can throw a couple coffee filters on top of a gasket and it’ll work decent for pressure filtration in a pinch.

When I done it I used a filter plate to back the coffee filter so it wouldn’t rip. It’s not great but it works.

Do you have gallons to filter of this stuff? How much are you trying to filter?


T shirt filter first then. You’ll ruin Bubblebags by limiting them to only using that material.

Then whatever everyone else said.

The molecule breaks down in days / weeks so make it a product fast.

Really unsure why it’s unstable unless in an alcohol suspension. I’d really like to know. Oxidation, light, something I don’t know.

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@Redman4556 would you run your coffee bean extraction through bubble bags?

Your fungal extract can go through a 0.2 um filter without loosing any of the goodies… you DISSOLVED them.

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…line with cheese cloth, press, filter through coffee filter or further if desired


I’ve been doing a brew bag first, then 25 micron bag. and then taking it to the Buchner


Centrigude into a filter?

As long as they contain finer microns, you may use any filtering material or procedure. However, I believe that distilling from water and alcohol is not the same.