What material are Micron Socks made of? where is the best priced quality source?

I am having a hard time finding information on micron socks. I don’t know what material is safest to use and durable. Does anybody have information on this? All help is much appreciated!

Sock filters or material bags/ sleeves?

Material Bags / Sleeves please :slight_smile:


It has been discussed here a few times, most of the bags are nylon.
You will want to take into consideration the solvent you are useing and the material rating for said solvent.

as you can see here nylon has a poor rating for Isopropyl, but is fine with etoh.
When in doubt use the chemical compatibility chart to figure it out!

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use the wool ones, the nylon ones are thin and break easy.


Are wool ones chemically compatible with Hydrocarbon solvents? I will be doing a Butane/Propane mix.

Omg, $90 per sock?!


They should be fine

Well it wasen’t the best priced for sure.I put the link up because it mentioned in the product description what the bag was made from, A few I saw listed did not have the material they were made from listed.
You got a good plug on these @ExTek90 ?

I wish I had a “good” one. The one time I bought them, I got 10 for around $100. The size was slightly off, and thanks to techs being less than gentle with them, I’ve lost half of them.

I’m seriously about to source the material and have my lady start making these things with her sewing machine.


If you do, put me down for a batch! Someone gotta start selling these bad boys on Amazon lol

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I’ve posted about this multiple times.


I use polyester socks…

Yeah, those don’t work well for CO2 extraction. They need to have the cylindrical shape in order for the column to be packed correctly.

have you found a chemical compatibility chart for polyester? I can’t find one on calpaclab.com

ya, i found this one but there’s no line item for butane or propane :frowning:

Dudadiesel.com sells a lot of different filter media

I love Mash 710 nylon socks for hydrocarbon. They are originally a T shirt press supply company and still are. We have them make us custom sizes for either running keif or normal plant material. Any micron size was $10 until you get down to 37ug. We use 72ug for our half keif runs and 190ug for anything else. We previously used 160ug but we like to pack the hell out of our socks and 190ug allows for more durability. You can also ask for a thick strap at the top so it’s easier to pull out of the column without ripping the stitching around the draw string. Check out their IG under mash_rosin, they posted our socks back on April 24.


Just realized I was using micrograms for my units :rofl: I meant µm.