What ist TNC Or TN-Cannabidiol?

Hello everyone
What exactly is it ?
There are almost no information for this cannabinoid.

I dont think thats a real thing.

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Thea are selling TNC vapes here in Germany…
I was also confused…
Thats why im asking!?!
So its a Scam?

as far as I know that’s not a chemical abbreviation for any cannabinoid - makes sense why you can’t find any information on it, right?

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Ah yes, being a player in the bullshit Tennessee hemp game, I recognize this one! TN-CBD is the name given to straight BM products being sold as “hemp” in the state.


My first thought is that I heard it on the radio:

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I couldn’t find much information on TNC (TN-Cannabidiol) even after searching through the first page of Google results. There were only two references, one related to a “concept image print” and the other on a German website without any Certificate of Analysis attached.

According to their claims, TNC is supposed to be a legal alternative to HHC and produced using a similar process. However, I’m not familiar with TN-Cannabidiol, and it seems to be relatively unknown in the cannabis community.

Looks like they took the the H and made it into an N in hopes no one will notice


TNC: Totally Not Cannabidiol


They say its created in an chemical reaction…
I think its just h4cbd but TNC without the cbd in the Name and More sounding Like thc will sorure atract more Clients…
Now since HHC is banned they have to come up With something new.

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Tri-nitro cannabidiol.

Sales will be… explosive!

I will see myself out.