what is your favourite and most practical method of makeing cbd e-juice

hey everyone, i live in a country where cbd is only legal medicinally which entails a very tedious process on the way. However, i see the laws changing very very soon, i want to get into the industry before its even an industry, i want to create cbd vape juice. My main question is what would be the best way to start experimenting with cbd e-juice, i’ve been reading a bit on MCT oil’s usuage as a carrier oil, i know that a few companies currently sell cbd e-juice using MCT as the carrier oil, infinite cbd, and diamondcbd are two examples. I am interested in the formula they use to create there oils, or something close to. I would rather use MCT oil as a carrier instead of VG AND PG due to its properties and potential to make cbd more bio-avaliable, i have done only 1 small experiment where i attempted to mix mct and cbd and it came out tasting like varnish, however the mixing method i used was very unprofessional (i just put the mct and cbd concentrate into a 10ml bottle at a 1:1 ratio) has anyone had success with mct as a carrier oil for a cbd e-juice, or is it best to just stick with pg and vg for this process. If anyone can highlight there process’s for creating top notch DIY cbd e-juice, please share with the community.


Several thing to consider when experimenting with cbd e-juice:

  1. Not all MCT is created equal: For vaping id recommend using 100% Caprylic Acid. This is one of the shorter chains of MCT’s it vapes easily and has little to no taste.
  2. Ceramic heating elements are best imo
  3. Make sure to clean and dry your equipment well between each test (I ran into this basic problem a while back with terpenes)
  4. Consider what your CBD source is. Isolate should dissolve fine in Caprylic Acid
  5. Use low heat to liquify your CBD and MCT, I homogenize with a nano sonicator but a regular magnetic hot plate with a stir bar should do the trick. You want to stay between 50-60 C. Should only take about an hour depending on your volume.

This isnt a procedure but I hope it helps

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Sorry if this is off topic since @jjone130 made it about CBD, but has anyone used other cannabinoids (namely CBG and CBC) and cannabis derived terpene profiles?

UPDATE: If you have the resources. Hemp based rosin cut with terpenes has given me some awesome results. Im using a ccell cart loaded with 65% CBD rosin. I dilute it with terp sauce or Foggs terpene cutter at about 8-10% by weight. That produces much better cbd vaping imo.


Have you tried Search results for 'CBD carts' - Future4200

As you might imagine, this has come up before…

There are some tricks specific to CBD, which the above threads will clarify, but searching for carts/diluent in general will also give lots of hints. There are even multiple threads on how to fill the things…


Does CBD crash out of rosin in your experience?
I guess crystals can form out of anything if there isn’t sufficient ‘solvent’.
There must be a ratio of CBD % to solubility agent (in this case terpenes or cutter or rosin matrix)
even if it an estimate. Couldnt find this info on the CBD carts thread