What is this in my CBG crude?

This CBG crude was decarbed at 140c and I noticed the sludge looking stuff baked to the edge of the glass. Does anyone have any idea what it can be?

parameters of extractions -

Ethanol extraction with a Vincent screw press.

Winterized at -65c

Bizzy bee solvent recovery

Reclaim the rest of solvent in roto

Decarb at 140 for 5-10 minutes

Then SPD.

Thanks in advance!!

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If I run it in my SPD like this it’ll turn the boiling flask to sludge and the flow starts to crawl.

This is the boiling flask after a run

Warm ethanol extraction?

It’s just above freezing.

I should say just above 0c

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It’s a combination of things, but the stuff that’s causing you the most problems are sugars. Chlorophyll also, but mainly sugars I’ll bet.


That’s seems likely. It clumps together pretty good in the boiling flask and slows it down. How do I get rid of sugars?

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Lower the temp of your alcohol to -65 for the extraction and it will go away.

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It’s coming from another processor to me this way. Can I remove the sugars from the crude that I have from them?

A LLE should take it out, but I have not tried it so I can’t provide details, other than to tell you sugar is soluble in water. I had the same problem and fixed it by going colder with my extraction.


I will second a LLE step to clean this.

I have another question though, you said this was extracted by another lab. Did you winterize it or did they claim to winterize it at -65?


Yes it’s from another facility. I’ve been there many times and seen the process. I have no reason to believe they are lying. Also, I filtered a sample myself, it’s definitely not fats/waxes.

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Great! just wanted to clarify. Sugars are water soluble so if you do a LLE the sugars will fall into the aqueous layer and out of your organic layer.


Thank you, I’m going to try an LLE. I have a feeling that’s going to be the ticket. I’ve done some reading and this is pretty indicative of screw press extraction.

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Heptane :slight_smile: (I use hexane, but would like to switch)


I have Pentane. Do you guys think that will work? Or should I get hexane?

Here is the first LLE test I did.

Did a quick second wash test and it’s getting better.