What is this gunk?

I’m doing 10 min warm ethanol extractions and filter with bentonite but I still have this gunky stuff. It comes off with warm water

Looks like burned sugars. The fact that water removes it reinforces the theory.


How do I get rid of this? I run my roto at 60c is that too hot?

I agree.


This is why I hate warm ethanol

Hydrogen peroxide eats that shit right up

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Is there anyway I can extract warm and not have sugars? And are sugars normal in warm extraction?

Also, if I cyro extract would I still be having the same problem?

Theres no way to avoid sugars with alcohols unless you cryo extract.

Heptane or hexane you can use warm and it wont pull sugars but a ton if fats and lipids


Reducing the tempersture of your solvent will help. Propyl alchol and Isopropyl alcohol both have a lesser affinity for the sugars but extracting warm and using excessive amounts of solvent will probably negate any difference in solubility and just extract the sugars anyways.

Best option is to dissolve the crude in an alkane and wash with multiple volumes of brine water.

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Thanks for the help guys, this happened while decarbing so does it mean its too hot?

Dm me for consult I specialize in warm extraction.

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Im not sure what tempersture the sugars in cannabis degrade. I dont know the name of the actual sugar it produces but ita probably just glucose.

Sugars burn low temp you did not get anything too hot


I wonder if theres any humic acids being extracted and thats why that gunk is black.

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