What is the point of initial low concentration of nutes in EZCloners?

This is a question for those that root clones in EZcloner - If you do, what is the point of using low nutrient solutions in your cloner before root formation?

I’ve been working with some growers recently that have told me that they as a part of their cloning process they add in products like RapidStart, KLN, or liquid CloneX nutrients right into the res with freshly cut clones. When I sit down to calculate the ppm of these nutrients it’s <90ppm which is hella low. I can’t imagine that people are trying to feed the clones because they’ve got no roots. I would ask said growers but I really can’t as a part of my consulting work.

The only reason I can imagine that people would add nutes is for osmotic pressure, and so that the new roots have something to ‘chew on’ when they form. I imagine once you got a lot of roots you then step it up to a real nutrient solution at 400ppm

I can’t speak for everyone, just myself. I use Olivia’s Cloning solution at about 200ppm, 5.8pH. I use that until they come out of the cloner. Once in their final place I keep it about 200ppm for another few days so they can get established in their new home. Then I begin to raise it small amounts until I hit where I want to be and where they are happy.


Cut stalks will absorb the solution in entirety without its natural root filtration and nutrient absorption system. A similar example is adding flower food to vases with cut flowers to prolong their life. Clonex liquid per label has always worked well in my experience. I also believe that getting plants used to nutrients as soon as possible makes them less likely to shock upon initial feeding after transplant.


I did .3 ec on this one to start


The shock part is a really interesting aspect to it! I never considered that before and that definitely makes sense.

And to the best of my knowledge the Xlonex liquid is just nutes right?

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That’s my understanding, I have made it a habit to take my leftover cloning gel and dump it in the rez when I’m done instead of throwing it away…makes some impressive root clusters.


That’s wild! Those are some THICC root clusters, I’m definitely gonna try that. I’m working with some microbial products and more roots like that will definitely give them more space to move in to!

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i add quarter strength bloom formula and rooting hormone right into res. cuts go straight into collar with no dip. roots in 5-7 days. i even put 3-5 cuts per collar


Are you trying root things or veg them?

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How much liquid clonex are you using?

Our ppm is around 180 with our tap water starting at 50 ppm and we feed 8ml/ gallon clonex, 5ml/ gallon uc roots. Using dip n grow for a rooting hormone. Finally getting better success after noticing our co2 burner burning dirty, carbon monoxide poisoning! :eyes:


i tried this once when i used areocloners, i poured in around 15ml of left over elites91 clones into the reservior.
i thought it was actually detremental to overall plant growth, allthough they grew crazy roots after some extreme over callusing, growth above ground was definetly not as impressive and not as quick as normal.


I’m trying to root clones and I’m taking them through Veg stage.