What is the going rate for 50kg of isolate per gram?


I have a group of guys looking for 50kg a month of isolate. What would the going rate be for something like this? I’m wondering if there expectations are realistic.


Going rate im seeing is 5,900 a kilo.


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Whats the point in posting a price higher than i did?

If you might be able to get it you shouldnt be posting on here since you are not a verified source. Please get verified before posting.


must be bidding! lol!:rofl:


Never understood why people cant take the time to get verified, especially because its the first thing you see when getting on the site.


not sure why anyone would go that low on pricing especially considering how much demand is about to skyrocket and supply will not be able to maintain. We all know what happened last season when everyone ran out of product. That’s going to happen again this year and probably even faster. I don’t understand companies shooting themselves in the foot with low pricing like that this early in the year.


lol. .


What price are you at??? I dont see a price on the post??


I just didnt put a $ infront of my price


We have the capacity and have the price point. I wanted to shoot higher but in all honesty i knew someone else would post a cheaper price so why not stay even with that.


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Bro, did you not realize your first post got flagged for trying to sell isolate as a non verified source. By the way you are talking you are just another broker. That is what we try and eliminate in this forum.


Exactly, it would be smart to just have some patience right now and hold.


I direct you here!


@Soxhlet I dont see the Verified CBD Thread on the front page anymore when i come to the site.

@steelrollin Im a bit curious to your data on the supply and demand of CBD because this is the second or third time you mentioned the prices going up. I know your in the business. Im just curious what happened to the price of CBD last year because ive only seen the price overall come down. Over the year, there might be swings but if we strictly look at the avg price last year Jan 2018 for CBD isolate VS This years Current Price.

How about over the last 2 years. Im just curious to the volatility of this market. Im not questioning your knowledge im just interested in possible futures of CBD and no better person to ask than one of the only level 3 slangers.

Overall, i see this mimicking the THC market and i think CBD farmers are gonna be in for some tight margins like THC farmers but time will tell. I just dont understand how the demand is totally eliminating supply. It seems like everyone and their mom is growing CBD hemp.


You can un pin it I think.


There is a good amount of bio mass that was grown last season but the amount grown wasn’t a massive increase from the season before. Last year Isolate started to dry up and we up to $9,000 a kg at one point for about a solid month or two. It was nearly impossible to find Isolate from September to late November. I see this happening even sooner this year personally. I also want to mention that people have started farming more yes but that doesn’t mean that labs have increased capacity to be able to keep up with demand. It takes time for an industry to scale and this industry is no different other than the growth is exponentially more explosive than other industries.

A lot of people in this industry talk a big game but I have only seen maybe three labs that actually walk to walk. I’d love to be proven wrong though for sure :slight_smile:


We need to take a couple days touring around Oregon then. This years total biomass absolutely swamps last year’s, and I personally have worked in 3 epic scale hemp labs thus far, the smallest one and the only one that allowed me to snag pics was the most recent. And that’s just Oregon, which was easily beat in terms of total acres grown by at least 3 other Midwest/eastcoast states this year. I’m seeing single kilos for $5-6k regularly out here


Whats the CBD yield per acre looking like?

When a farmer can produce 25 - 100 kilo’s/acre and get $1-3k/kg the price outlook is insanely volatile, no?