What is Moose's Magic? For our furry companions!

Moose’s Magic is CBD oil for dogs aka (best friends). Out of all the products we carry here at Colorado Hemp Solutions, our pet line is by far the strongest. I just wanted to share this product with the community as some of you may have pets.

Moose’s Magic was inspired by Moose, our cherished German Wirehaired Pointer. He always kept a close eye on the team and hemp farm. May these products help your pet as they did Moose. Moose’s Magic is formulated in the most natural and effective way possible.

We currently have 3 different options:
Moose’s Magic 1oz 400mg $22
Moose’s Magic 2oz 800mg $40
Moose’s Magic 4oz 1600mg $75

All future 4200 members will also receive a 10% discount.
Ways to order:
coloradohempsolutions.com (promo code chase10)
DM me on here.

Thank you.


CHS Mooses Magic Dosing - Front & Back.pdf (1.6 MB)

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No one here is paying $75 for a 1600 mg bottle. Your cost is probably $3 all included and that’s generous.


Okay thank you for the info sir. I have already had people reach out. We have different options depending on size of animal. Our product has really helped a lot of animals. Even if no one were to buy (which they are) I’m still happy to talk about how it can really help them out. Thank you.


I really wish someone had affordable cbd drops or treats for animals which was economical like @Thetetraguy offer for his cbd formulations except he don’t make animal products. I have a rescue which could use some sort treat to take the chip off. She was abused and will shake if something makes a loud enough noise

But $75 for 1.6g of a cbd product mixed with a carrier oil and placed in a bottle is a bit exorbitant. At least for me.


I understand killa12345. I’m sorry to hear about your rescue. What kind of dog is he or she? Maybe we could work something out to where I could just send you a bottle to try out for some feedback. Here in the near future we will possibly be coming out with a treat. We are just waiting on the new set of guidelines and regulations coming in July. Thank you.


It’s a shiba inu mix which she is really uptight. Her scared nature makes her a handful around people as she can be violent.

On the other hand she is the smartest dog I’ve ever been around and despite her aggressive nature……she’s a part of the family now after 8 years and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Thats whats up man. I respect you taking in a rescue, working with her, and giving her the attention she deserves. I receive a coupon once a month for a free product of my choice. Id be down to send you a bottle for her to try out. If you just want to DM for your shipping info. I will get a bottle out to you next week.


Am i missing something?
Isnt this just cbd in mct oil? Like every other “pet” tincture?

I dont do treats because i wanted to keep them shelf stable for a long time without anything nasty in the treats.
My cbd tinctures are sold to people with problems eith their pets all the time, i just dont specifically market them for pets, well cuz the mct tinctures can be used for anyone, just need to reduce/increase the dosage depending on subject


I’ll give you one of my bottles for free to see if it helps. I give them to my dog during fireworks and thunderstorms.

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i never knock anyones hustle, but this aint the place to be pitching lame tinctures, everyone here knows their shit.

the custies are on reddit, not f4200.


I agree with you there. I know everyone on here clearly knows what’s up and I learn a lot from these threads. And I’m not pitching lame tinctures, just sharing a really great product that helps animals… Thanks for the feedback RockSteady.


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yeah not trying to dis your product, CBD is great for our furry friends, it really does help them.

your just marketing to the wrong place half of the readers here have their own tincture lines

im telling you tho, make some sweet colorful infographics and post them to reddit, your forsure going to get some sales there!! hit all the major cbd and pet subreddits etc etc

best of luck


Not being dick-ish, but literally everyone that I know that has pet lines has either offered to send it for free, or has sent it for free.

I just wanted to say that nobody asked what Moose’s Magic is.

I read the pamphlet. Moose is the dog and this cbd is his magic.

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I feel like tinctures the should be 5-10 bucks plus shipping


It drives me nuts seeing the pricing on all these “pet” cbd products :grimacing:

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I’m gonna make some pet tinctures and use veterinarian approved flavorings like Salmon, Bacon, Peanutbutter. Who’s interested?


Right on RockSteady. I will do just that. Thanks again for the advice.


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I 100% am. I’m gonna try some of these other drops. Thanks for the generous offers. My dog needs something. I feel bad seeing her shake all the time. I don’t wanna put her on any pharmaceutical drugs when she’s perfectly healthy. Just some scumbag beat her and starved her nearly to death.