What is a procedure for adding Terps to ~150g of winterized hash oil?

I have ~150g of winterized hash oil (over purged bho initially, so not appealing taste wise) 75g or so is in two 13x9 Pyrex dishes not yet fully purged of ethanol, and the remainder is in the degassing unit.

Terp source recommendations? What quantity will I need appx. Not real concerned with a homogeneous mixture as it’s not for retail, just the most efficient (cost and energy in, max quality out) route to dabs that aren’t tasteless…

folks doing this are usually going into carts.
go see what they’ve been chatting about.


Right, I understand that, I have no desire to load carts, just have dabs that don’t taste like crap. I would assume after fully purged, heat to 140 and stir like mad.

Soooo… you don’t care what others think is the correct ratio, the right source, the best flavor? How about the right temp? Mixing techniques?

If you know all that stuff, awesome, but that is not what your question implies

I was pointing you to where those subjects have been discussed. by some smart folks. multiple times. because you asked for that information.

the only thing you’re doing different, is not loading it into a cart.

Edit: as you can tell from the below, we also have kind folks who will give you everything on a platter.

Thanks @Audra!

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Hey Dj,

If you are dabbing this oil I would suggest adding a slightly lower terpene percentage than used in a cartridge. Cartridges can mask some of the flavors, especially wicked atomizers, Whereas dabbing is more full flavored. I would suggest using 3-5% of the total weight to start, taste it and then add another 1-3% as desired. You can always add more but you cant take away. If I was doing it, I would split the batch up and make a few flavors for variety. Cannabis derived terpenes are amazing but not super accessible to most. There are terpene isolate blends online that are much easier to buy such as True Terpenes.

For 150g of oil you could start by adding 3% of a base terpene blend. The crude math would be:

add 4.5g for about 3%.

for 5%:
add 7.5g for about 5%

(technically its not a true 3% because you aren’t removing 4.5g of oil and replacing it with 4.5g of terpenes, but its just easier to add it on top. If you wanted to consult, I have google sheets that have full plug-n-play calculations for most percentage additions.)

Purge your oil for sure, and yes, when mixing in terpenes heat to the lowest possible temp that can get your oil thin enough to easily be stirred. I suggest between 130-160f or 54-71c. You can heat it hotter if needed, Its just best to keep it in that range because terpenes are very volatile and some start to burn off at very low temps. Also, mini spatulas are great for getting in the corners of beakers or mason jars when mixing with or without a hotplate/stir bar. Heat guns are awesome too if you don’t have a hotplate but they get extremely hot so you have to be very careful and gentle when using them to avoid overheating or cracking glass. A hot water bath is also another method to get it to temp. Alarm thermometers are your friend too! Amazon amazon amazon.

I suggest True Terpenes OG flavor profile as a base. They have a ton of other flavors as well. www.buy-terpenes.com is the website.


Dang glad i saw this!!!, for some reason I was thinking true terps was cannabis derived! Dang itttttt… No wonder they clear and not golden!!!

Are you telling me clear, 100% cannabis-derived terpenes don’t exist?

I’m sure you’ve already taken action and you may already know this, but you may want to start a little lower than 3% of total mass depending on the viscosity of your extract to being with. If you’re dabbing it with a tool you don’t want it to run, but if you plan on drawing into a syringe you have a little more freedom. Also, depending on your terp source 5%+ could be overkill if your concentrations are high enough.

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Well the way you said that… I’m assuming they do :joy:

Didn’t realize you could strip the color and not foul up the taste…
I’m always up for learning something though!
I’m definitely no lab guy

Would you consider this “clear” or “golden”? I guess this could be one of those instances that’s open to interpretation, right?


That’s all clear buddy, I really don’t even see any yellow tint at all really How’s that obtained…

Enlighten me please good sir! Very curious now… Does distalation achieve this?

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Cannabis Derived can be clear too. I steam distill mine with vacuum assist and they come out clear with a rainbow spectrum when light goes through it.



Are you selling cannabis obtained terps?

Shoot me a dm on here, I’m sure we can work something out. Strains I’ve done in the past so far are:
Pink Bubblegum bred by mosca negra
Scarlet Fire bred by Dragon With Matches
Gorilla Glue
Boss OG
Berry White

I usually do about 1lb of material and yield 5-10ml depending on strain.