What is a good 1:1 ratio recipe for CBD/THC Vape Cart?

Does anybody have a good cartridge recipe that works for combining CBD Isolate powder with a thc distillate (lest assume 99% for simplicity on the math). I am trying to make a 1-1 cartridge but most of the information above seems to relate to the CBD amounts and less about the THC. I want to avoid chrystalization but have no idea how the chemistry works. Is there a % that I can keep the CBD under that we are confident will avoid chrystalization?

For a 1 gram cartridge:

  • 400 mg CBD
  • 400 mg THC Distillate
  • Terpenes

I basically do what you are doing and I have no issues. I mix equal parts CBD isolate to distillate, I add roughly 8% terpenes to the mix and use ccell carts. I have been doing this for over a year with zero problems.


Good question @concrete902

Also, I am looking for a high CBD and a zero THC with a significant amount of all terpenes…Any suggestions ? Someone recommended to use a very small amount of THC, but not zero. He said THC works cooperatively with CBD and terpenes to modulate the ECS. He mention that I would likely get a potential benefit and a much more pronounced effects with some THC. So, a 1:20 THC to CBD with infusion of terps could be good for me.