What in the world? Liquid Nitrogen connected to a miner?

Can someone explain to me what is going on in these pictures.

That tank is a liquid Nitrogen tank


He uses nitrogen to make cannabis brittle so it kiefs better. Using just cols vapor it looks like.

@TheOriginalResinator whats up?

You sir, need to play with low temps. It’s the trick to reX speed. You can also flash freeze some stuff, and do other neat tricks.

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Why the liquid Nitrogen vs liquid co2? Just because it’s colder?

Best guess? Just using the vapor as a source of low pressure (~23psi) N2 gas.


i think they said something about decarbing rosin for pens or some shit and wanting to preserve terpenes on the post

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Yep. Using the vent or gas line from their LiqN2 tank, because otherwise that stuff just vents to atmosphere…


Ok. That explains it. I’m not 100% in agreeable of the effectiveness based on what it says but I’d love to see a white paper.

I saw this on Instagram and thought it was odd. How is it for decarb if the miner is not jacketed? How do you heat it? Obviously you can put it in an oven but not with that huge hose sticking out

You could drop it in a bead bath with that hose sticking out. I’m not saying that is the best route but it would be get the job done and could be a way to use the tools you had laying around to try something out.


I always enjoy solventless new processes.

Good thinking. Maybe since it’s rosin it could even go on an induction hot plate. For some reason the polished stainless doesn’t like to induct in my experience though

Yep. That’s all. It just lasts longer than having a bunch of K tanks to roll all over the place. I don’t like it because it doesn’t have the ooompphh that a K tank would.

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purge head space. disconnect hose. place in oven.

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