What happens when you over-burp a jar?

Just trying to understand more of the process if you change some variables. I’m gathering the terps act as the main solvent for crystallization and the evaporated tane pressure is just there to slow evap and keep you in that perfect saturation zone for building rocks…

What happens if you over-burp your jar and has barely any tane left? Does it turn to sugar or does it just stay as is? I’d imagine some of the terps would begin to evaporate and build their own pressure in the meantime. Would this pressure be enough to slow the evap down as the tane does?

I have a run sitting that I just over-burped intentionally just to try it out, but rather than waiting a few weeks to see, I wanted to see what you guys have experienced, then compare notes with what it ends up as.

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Add heat u can salvage to an extent if high in terpenes as they already thin

Im glad you made this post i made an account to ask a similar question i followed SOP of OTSST my cold crash was not successful in hind sight and reading more. I also let the jar become over saturated with cannabinoids and terps (i let too much solvent evap) the jar has been sitting on 70-80°F for over a month with zero crystallization. I was reading the recent comments on OTSST that were about older product and decarbing while in storage and that partially decarbed product wont crustalize and im wondering if thats what has happened to my run. Hoping to read more answers from this and find a solution. Im wondering if vaccing out the rest of the tane would help. Im quite stuck


that’s interesting. Mine has been sitting for 2 weeks, 3 days. I had the ideal amount of solvent and noticed one stone forming on the bottom about a week in as usual. When I noticed it was growing I burped like 80% of the pressure just to see what happens. My jar still pushes the lid up but it still clicks if you push down on it, doesn’t feel really hard like when the stones are growing.

The single rock is slowly getting bigger though, however I haven’t had any others show up yet. Was wondering what I should expect after another couple of weeks. Based on your experience though, maybe nothing at all will happen.

My jar is sitting at around 80F if you hit the side of the jar with the IR temp gun


I’ve had jars where I had a single diamond form for awhile and slowly other larger diamonds appeared as well


Are these jars on heat? Or no thanks buddy!

Yes those jars were like 78-80 degrees.


nice, I wonder if I’ll see that in this case, only time will tell :smiley:

@StoneD my jar for this test is on slight heat, it’s just sitting on a warm PC vent which keeps the jar at around 80F… I normally wouldn’t set jars there but since there’s not much pressure at all I figured it shouldn’t be an issue


just had the same thing happen…

1st crystal formed 10 days ago, nothing really changed since then. Jar was sitting on a warm PC vent, but I guess it wasn’t warm enough. Pressure was there, not too much, just a little bit.

Anyway, I put it in my vac chamber which has a BVV PID heating pad stuck on the bottom, set to 105F (reads 85F on the inside of the chamber with a laser thermometer.

Overnight an entirely new chunk of crystals have grown on the bottom. I believe my PC vent heat just wasn’t enough for this strain for it to stay runny enough. Not dewaxing didn’t help that either I’m guessing.


Some strains can take more heat and take longer to form diamonds in my experience. I had 2 jars that just blew up and had only huge diamonds and both were the same strain.


Well, I think if it gets too thick you go past the saturation point desired then it gets to thick for growth, I have a jar right now that was half of the initial pour the other half had already grown and been poured off etc…added more butane and it started growing the next day left for a week at 65ish, now it’s in the oven at 80 I personally haven’t had to burp any jars, the one I did burp grew smaller sugar like Crystal formation, they key seems to cap at the right time and allow it to release pressure on it’s own, by not over tightening until second or third day then really tighten down… there are so many variables I’m still playing but at this point getting large clean stones is repeatable by following otss tek pretty much exact, I dont use heat always a concrete floor, except this latest one, seeing how much it grew I believe I could have used heat at week 3 to increase my return on the last several jars but still learning.


So do you think if it gets to thick and you don’t see diamonds forming that you should adjust the temp by increasing it maybe 2-3 degrees at a time till you notice formation?

Yep that’s what I would do