What happened to Shatter Labels ? If so need new packaging printer

SO Ive ordered from Shatter Labels several times. ALways been good work. I realize they tax hella, but that’s neither here nor there. I went to re-order my boxes and their website is down, and nobody answers the phone. DId they go out of business? I hope not because they have all the artwork and the layout template.

how do you not have all that on your end? when i get an mri i get the scan disc even if I cant interpret it. i wouldnt deal with photgraphy/labels etc if they held the shit themselves. Thwe way the contract works, was that all their intellectual property? id never do that. Thats like if the brand blows up they kinda own the branding.

alibaba has printers. Id make sure to get digital copies of the labelling in case they go away like you said.

Let me know if you need help with new boxes/artwork. We have designers on staff and can rock it out free of charge.

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So I found my artwork layout template. I just need a good printer with a fast turnaround and is reasonably priced… Does anybody know of such an outfit?

We can print Non-Cr Bags in 3-5 days, CR in 2 weeks. Give me a shout!