What do you all know about the manufacturing of thc/cbd inhalers


I’m really interested In possibly making or having some thc/cbd inhalers made. I’m sure this isn’t something for the small home producer like me to make.

I really like the fact that each hit is metered. what is everyone’s thoughts on these devices and does anyone know how they are manufacturer or who do it? thanks


I hit a invisidab once, the thing sprayed a mixture of etoh and hash into my airways. Gag til you puke I say! Currently I dont think devices like this are safe for the consumer, recently we stopped pen production because of this.https://cannabis.net/deliveries/ocog/menu/invisidab-by-berner-super-deal
look the website says you can dab infront of your teacher! wow what a device for a child to have… This is why this industry gets a bad rap!


wow…from a parent of a teenager that marketing is unacceptable. Not a big fan of the dude burner either. But that marketing is just bad.

Did you see Juul headquarters got raid last week? This is a major problem in my kid school! These little Juul Pods and kids as young as elementary smoking them. Now i see people wanting to sell Juul Pods of cannabis oil. Good luck. I feel like those companies know the use is by mostly kids and are marketing them towards that market too cause i dont know 1 single adult that vapes nicotine and uses Juul pods. ONLY KIDS


That is a sad state of affairs my friend. Selling nicotine and thc to kids Is on the low end of life.

This is how they test rats, they test humans with juul pods lol!


There are genuine safety considerations involved with inhalers. Foremost is that inhalers will deliver whatever is in the medicine straight into the lungs with zero “final fractioning/sterilization” done. Final fractioning is the method we use to refine the med at point of use via heat and a dab rig or other heat source.

Distilling and extracting get us close and isolating gets us really close to final purity but the final refinement always done for inhalation is as much a sterilization of the product as it is to discard the final bits of what you do not want. In other words users that inhale always force the compound via application of heat to undergo one last evaporation with traditional modes of use.

Inhalers not so. This is the problem. One tiny botched batch or inhaler then will deliver things deep into the lungs but without the final safety net of sterilization and purification. Makers of pharma have extremely tight controls but our industry as of yet does not. Delivering medicine this way is hella technical and difficult to pull off. It is the rare drug like asthma specific types that simply cannot be administered to effect that use this mode of ingestion and ONLY because the target organ is the lung and airways itself. Our target is the bloodstream so the notion of an inhaler then as a specialized method to deliver targetted therapy is not an issue.

This is a hazardous line of research because at some point somebody will have to test it and try it. This is not what we are geared up for in this community and the possibility of harm to me outweighs the benfit of attempting such a delivery. It is fraught with peril imo.


I’m currently trying to find info on safety issues with this delivery method. Our purchasing manager just ordered a bunch of CBD inhalers and I need evidence to back up my concerns with carrying these. I have heard complaints of lung infections and labored breathing when using these, but currently all the evidence I have is completely anecdotal.