What do I put in my chiller/circulator?

What’s up community of savages. Lovin all the info I’ve gathered from here and back at it again with a question I can’t seem to find an answer to.

I’m currently using a DSLB 5/10 chiller/recirculator for my 5L USA labs and using a mixture of propylene glycol and distilled water for the fluid (recirculating medium) this seems to be doing ok although I’m constantly fluxing temperatures in small amounts it works ok for -0 - -10 degreees Celsius.

The question is. I just got another DSLB 5/10 chiller recirculator for my 10L short path and am wondering what a good transfer medium is for this baby considering I will be using @breakingdabs hot distillation tek. Looking forward to any feedback thanks again guys and gals. Deuces.

Ethanol will work.


I may have misunderstood the OP but if they are using the recirculator for hot condenser tek then ethanol will evaporate out right away.


Check out BioFrost 80 from Carbon Chemistry!

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Dow Frost HD?

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That’s what I was thinking…

Are you sure…

How are you going to do hot condenser tech with that chiller when it’s only a chiller?

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Sous vide in a bucket

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Exactly, denatured Ethanol is the best.

That’s not hot condenser tech. You need over 100c to do anything useful. I use to use a water bath, now I use an oil bath. I do 155c, you’ll never get that with water. Breaking dabs does even hotter then that.


What oil do you run?

I was thinking about starting with mineral oil because it’s easy to get here but I’d like something better

Dynalene SF, its cheap


Did the vendor manufacturer recommend a PG/H2O mix? The DSLBs usually run denatured alcohol. PG/H2O mixes or anything thicker could effect the pump. They cannot handle viscous fluids. You would also need a 40%+ PG to H2O mixture to avoid freezing/bursting at 0 to -10.

Just curious, what temp is your solution at and vac when you are pulling main body? When your condenser is at 155C.

Under 200 microns on my vacuum meter, usually I’ll be around 175 head temp.

Anyone see a problem with using this stuff? I think -40c to 190c would be a perfect universal chiller fluid. It’s also advertised as non-corrosive.



@Rowan isnt mineral oils flash point at like 160c

yeah and it also burns your lungs after its been heated a few times but also guess what? shits cheap- clearly im not planning on running a countertop deep fryer for longer than is absolutely nessescary- heat it once and toss it and then buy some real dynalene.