What consistency should distillate be?

What is the typical consistency of distillate? I’ve done 2 distillations so far, first test came back at 81% THC after 1st pass. The distillate is very hard at room temperature. I heated it up and put it into a glass syringe, let it cool down to room temp and was unable to dispense it due to the viscosity. Is this normal? I’ve seen distillate that flows thru syringes at room temp easily. Are they achieving that by cutting it with terpenes or some other diluent?


Seems to me like you know what you’re doing…and seeing

That is why it should come in a glass syringe. So you can warm it with :fire:

CBD is less viscous, and the exact make up (which fractions) were collected as “mains” will also influence the rm temp viscosity at any given purity. As such the solvent & temp at which the crude was produced, how it was post processed, and the exact terpene profile will also influence viscosity.

Edit: I imagine the cannabinoid ratio would also influence viscosity :thinking:


The crude and distillate from methanol/heptane LLE is quite leggy

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Any idea what you have vs what you don’t?

Target cannabinoid?

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I know leggy as tall, stretchy… wat u mean?


My runs have always been super super thick at room temp. It will not pour at all, barely moves.


delta 9 is very solid if you turn a jar on its side at room temp it should barely move for the first minute or so


What’s weird to me is our crude is like that. I can put a jar on it’s side for a solid 3-5 min before it starts moving. Doesn’t seem normal to me for crude to be that rock solid?


Are you decarbing in roto or are you decarbing in bf or somewhere else??

If I leave my temp probe in the bf after decarb, it will get stuck at room temp.


Were decarbing in mantle at first, but now we’ve been doing it in roto. Same results either way

Ok coolio if it’s similar for you then I’ll just take it as we’re doing good work :joy:

If you decarb in rotovap, how do you get all the oil with out losing some? If you decarb in spd flask, theres no transfer loss.

My cheap azz thinking.


D9thc distillate will be HARD, almost solid, if it is a nice pure-ish fraction.

D9 should make a loud pop like popping bubble wrap when you first dispense it (or attempt to dispense it) at room temp. Don’t use syringes with rubber plungers they leave a weird foggy ring.