What company outfits the best Cryo Ethanol extraction set up???

Looking scale up my current set up with some solid investors backing me up. Looking to spend somewere in the range of $300,000 - $500,000 K. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks folks.

What are your production goals?

Looking to process 800lb to 1000lb a day

Delta separations currently makes the cup15/cup 30 units, and ACE spinner also makes something that would fit your needs.
I don’t believe they are on the market quite yet, but Evolved Extraction in BC Canada had a really cool looking unit at LIFT expo a few months back that they said should be on the market soon.


@Rickatkins hit up beta@acespinner.com for more details on our unit

at 30lb every 20min it’s exactly the scale you’re aiming for.
nominal 960lb/8hr shift. (CUP30 has similar specs).

I’d also recommend checking out this Ethanol Extraction White Paper we put together.


and that would be the next size up. :wink:

Available from HZB Manufacturing
@highestzen around these parts.

looks like 3200lb/8hr nominal.

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DM me if you want more specific help putting together a full expansion proposal.


None of the companies out there will give you value for your money. Our system designed by us will do 1000lbs per hour at mininum. Our evap will be the bottleneck but it’s a pilot scale til we get our real one. Don’t follow the crowd that will be out of business in six months to a year.

@jws66m what company do you represent?

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Pictures or it didn’t happen

We’re our own group. We don’t sell equipment. It’s in the process of being built.


1000 lbs per hr should not be that difficult. A properly sized screw press could easily handle that and operate continuously. Why are these not being used more?

I believe screw press destroys cell walls and release chloroplast.


Probably because they break cellular walls and put more crap into your ethanol which you’ll have to remediate for later on in your process


Jinx. :rofl:


Build your own like @jws66m said.

OK I mean that’s true but if i’m trying to extract like 2000 lbs per hr, seems like it makes a lot more sense to just use some carbon later than to hire people to run 5 giant centrifuges at the same time. There’s a definite limit to how big a batch centrifuge you can make, and screw presses get way way larger than it.

FWIW, Precision’s KPD system utilizes a screw press and can go up to 50,000kg


There’s a limit to the MAQ that the fire marshal is going to allow on your site / in process at any given time too. At some point it stops being economical to pay labor to run multiple large centrifuges to breakdown a large extraction run and starts making sense to spend a shitload of money on a large scale centrifuge that runs & empties continuously instead of doing it in batches.