What chillers are you guys using on your loops?

About to start a build out on a new facility and we’ll be upgrading our equipment as well. Currently running an ETS mep and in the process of acquiring a second one. On our current unit we use the tae evo it comes with for recovery and the julabo fp50 for the columns but even only on two columns it maxes out at -26 c. Ended up adding a dry ice coil to reach lower temps but that’s just helping the solvent actually reach the -26 without soaking too long. Possibly looking into a Huber cs125 which I believe only goes to -20 but would have that on the injection coil as well. Another option would be a Huber unistat 815 or whatever the 900+ models are now. Any other suggestions? Any chillers that could handle both units?

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take a look at the DSLB 30/80 and 30/120 from touch science for comparison.

I was able to keep 100lb of solvent in play and at -50C with the latter. the former was almost up for the task, but made you wait 30-60min for cool down between runs.

edit: as @Dred_pirate mentions below, no UL listing. also fairly high DOA rate. workable when you order several, not so much if you’re getting one and need it to work. I was suggesting looking at the specs, rather than purchasing.

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Touch science aren’t UL rated, from my knowledge. They may not be able to use one in their facility. But, their regulations could accept it.

The touch science 50/-120 is a three phase hard-core chiller. You can get everything much colder than anticipated, and still use it for passive recovery. Speeding up your work flow. They are under 20k before fees and shipping

Julabo fw90 (I think is the current model), is great for getting things extremely cold. But, it doesn’t have a lot of power.

The huber 815 is also a bad ass at getting cold, but it doesn’t have the power to do much else.

They’ll probably run you about the same price. The touch science being much cheaper. But, you are sacrificing a UL rating and German build/design/quality.

The huber 915 is a great chiller if you want to spend 120k to get it plugged in and working. 100k on the chiller and a 20k chiller to cool the huber.


Cryodax chillers I hear good things of


Dry ice is very nice


Unfortunately my engineer will only sign off on ul rated equipment but I’ve also heard of people just by bringing them in after the fact. I’m not using this chiller for recovery so it won’t be fighting toooo much heat. It’ll strictly be on the injection coil and columns.

Still going to need a bunch of power to chill the injection coil. Cooling a hydrocarbon that much in a short amount of time will require a couple kw of cooling, at least, for whatever you are trying to get down to. May be better off just chilling the tank. You won’t need as much cooling power. Making a huber 815 most ideal.


Anyone used icedtech? I’ve heard very good things and very bad things…

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I can quote them

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Cryodax looks really good from a $/kW standpoint, downside to them is they need another cooler or source of cold water to handle the liquid loop since they don’t exchange heat to air.

I’ve been really impressed by Chillkings offerings, downside is their LT series units don’t get very cold. But they are great for falling films and getting things down around or slightly below 0C.

We just took delivery of a Fluid Chiller but don’t have it up and running yet. Lead times suck but thats true of every industrial supplier I’ve talked to in the last year+

Lots of good information in my bitch thread about Huber: Who sells huge cryo chillers that aren't huge disappointments?

The MyDax Cryodax units are available in Air Cooled but max ambient is limited to 90-100F. Like all Cryo chillers if the condenser gets to hot then the pressure differential on the refrigeration gets too high.

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Huber Unistat 815 bounces between -50 and -55 during runs while its set point is -69 :sunglasses: Its operating on an MEP

Do you have it running on just the three material column jackets?

No,we also use it to cool down our injection coil. Gas is at -20c before it even hits the coil, we just want that extra -30c

Ahh okay what do you have an fp50 on your solvent tank jacket?

No, a big ass dumb ass walk in freezer with multiple solvent tanks to swap in n out :rofl:

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What’s the bad things

We have engineers that can come certify non-UL equipment as being safe and fit for operation.

yeah, I’m biased but Thermonics chillers are rock solid. Thermonics is part of the inTEST Thermal Solutions Group - they make a lot of equipment for Mil/Aero and Automotive applications - and they’re specialist at low and ultra low temperature applications.
Their low temp mechanical chillers are here:

And they have a new product spun off from Mil/Aero that’s insanely cold and fast - a LN2 Cooled chiller - Delta T gets you maximum throughput:

Good Luck - if you contact Thermonics, you’ll probably end up talking to Bob - tell him you found us here.