What can be done with kief?

Recently found I still had an old kief tumbler and was curious what can be done with large quantities of kief? In regards to distillation or THC isolation. Can it be dissolved in ethanol then rotovap->spd? Any benefit to doing dry tumbling instead of liquid solvent extraction for large quantities?
Say you pull out 1-1.5kg of dry sift from 10kg of plant mass, seems it could speed up and clean up a lot. (Haven’t pulled sift in years so forgive me if numbers are off)
Idea of disolving it into a CUP15, etc. through a filter bag, does it work? Was looking around for info already but couldn’t find exactly, if this topic has already come up and anyone knows links to it, greatly appreciated.

I think you should start by searching here for “kief bitch”

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or keif bitch site:future4200.com - Google Search if your googlefu is strong.


It’s a pain in the ass and unless you have a lot of solvent and very fine filters press it to rosin. I won’t do it any more even good kief usually yields 10-20% before and decarb or spd.