What are you Thankful for this year?

Hey all we made it to thanksgiving another year of extracts in the books slowly approaching. Its a time to be thankful we have made it alive another year. Another year of risking our lives so people can enjoy clean medicine. Figured I would like to hear, what are the things and people your most thankful for this year.

I am thankful for the technology we use compared to 8 years ago when I started we are pushing the boundaries of automation and safety and its wild to look how far we came!
Shoutout to @MACHTechologies.Luke and the Mach technologies team for helping us push that boundary and teaching me that there is no limit to what you can create when you work with likeminded people.

I am thankful for @cyclopath the data you drop on people in here is life changing, it has sent me down so many rabbit holes and taught me so much this year. Your presence keeping everyone in check and making sure no one gets spoon fed is vital to teaching hundreds of people every year, and most of all keeping people safe from making newb mistakes.

I am thankful for this industry as a whole I have watched and grown for 8 years in this space and there isnt a day I dont peep the forum to see whats cooking and what people are working up. Thankful for all the hard work @Future has put in to keep this place running, its truly a marvel there is no other place to quick glance whats going on in this field.

Most of all im thankful to each and every person that contributes here!

Have a blessed holiday yall, be safe out there and take a day to reflect how many lives we touch when we pump out products. Thats what it is all about helping people at the end of the day past the paycheck.


I’m thankful for free weed and hash, friends and family.
Bills all paid. Work never-ending. Thankful to have closed out of business amicably and transition back into my safety net
(Tech work). Thankful to be affording presents and fancier things for my daughter like Private School and ski trips.
I’m thankful I quit nicotine entirely and to my own shock still.

I still admire and respect everyone doing wonderful things with the science and plants/fungi and their own pursuits and passions. I hope to see more innovations 2024 and a new spark and interest. I have a lot of hash and friends thanks to this place. Really interested in seeing the branching out of talents to other niches / industries and seeing how some of y’all progress as Cannabiz naturally consolidates over time. Happy Thanksgiving


this is a great year. definitely a year that will change a lot in my life. My kid turns 18 next friday so im at the finish line for all the bad shit that could have happened with him and children and family services. People with kids will understand its a delicate line being in a cannabis business and raising a kid. At any point, the government could have made it bad for me. Thats fear is finally gone. its something ive tangled with for most of his childhood based on shit ive done.

Also, as my kid has become a man;its given me so much more time. I only see him on school nights. I feel like hes already outta the house! College starts in 7 months. Its a great feeling to see sorta the finish line and i can relax. So im thankful to get back more of my time which is priceless in reality!

So thankful the business is still kicking. Its much more streamline these days not dealing with the covid customer and much more managable. I feel like i can run the business with little effort which im most thankful for.

Im also thankful for all the clients and friends i have here. The people i talk to on a daily basis. People i call brothers from different mothers. the group text messages that i here from the real friends ive made in this industry.

most of all im thankful for weed! as im typing this, im blazing on a disty blunt from various members work on this forum. The medicine ive learnt to make and the medicine i now buy is better than its ever been for cheaper than its ever been! Thank god for weed!

Hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving with their families and loved ones.


The plug.


I’m thankful I was born in the greatest country on Earth.

I’m thankful for our military and intelligence operators that keep us safe.

Did you guys read about and watch the horrors that were visited on the people over seas during the attack?

Can you imagine how you would feel if you watched your loved ones tortured and killed in front of you?

I’m 39 years old and it’s insane to me how younger people today dismiss 9/11 and some even say we deserved it. With the open border, we’re probably about to be reminded of it, I hope you and yours stay safe.

Even though we are plagued with weak, fragile people and our internal struggles are tearing us apart we are still very, very lucky.

I feel like this patriotic mentality is forgotten today and even shamed. We’re getting what we deserve in some sense IMO.

There will be so many cream puff posts about what people are thankful for today. I just LOL at most of it.

Take care everyone.


I’m just thankful to be alive, my brothers and sisters!


Today we cook! All my chicks, and their chicks, are in one place today and I will feed them all their favorites. Just hearing their banter and being in the mix makes me so thankful.


I am thankful to my God and thankful that he has kept me alive when he certainly did not have to throughout the years. I am thankful for my life, for my family, for the industry and for my place in it, and thankful for all of my wonderful friends that make this journey worthwhile for me.
Sometimes I look at the blessings in my life and I feel like I don’t really deserve all of what I have, but the people around me always remind me that I have sacrificed a lot in my life so that I could work harder and I’ve done a lot of things to help a lot of people for free, and I am so so so thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
I’m thankful for this website as well and all of its participants. I have learned a lot here since (2018?)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope you all enjoy your time and your food with your families today.


A solid crew. My group of partners. And past experiences, good or bad.


Truth. :heart:


I live in Spuntucky
and I think I’m lucky
I get to make drugs for pay
It’s not quite a living
It’s more of a giving
‘Cause all I gots do is to play

Thankful so many now have access to the plant that saved my life. Thankful for the part I get to play in making that possible. Thankful for all the knowledge folks have dropped here.


I couldn’t pick a favorite, so you get them all! Happy Thanksgiving!



Lol my attempt got a little more dark

Looks like they’re inhaling together lmaooo


I’m thankful to still be doing what I love everyday. A luxury fewer and fewer people can afford each year.


I am thankful for the muscles, the memory and the environment I have destroyed, rebuilt and fined tuned. I love the love,I hate the hate, hate the love and I love the hate. We are a bastard bunch and I am thankful for you all.


After the multiple meals i scarfed down im grateful for indoor plumbing.