What are these root pests?

What are these? How do I get rid of them? I did a search and the closest thing that these look like are thrips, but there’s no creatures or winged pests flying around my garden. They are only in the root zone. I put some mosquito dunks in all my reservoirs but they’re still alive.

They look like drain fly larvae. The dunks should work. Idk how long you have had them in there? They work by making the larvae stop eating, so they slowly starve.

I looked up a picture of those and yep, I think that’s them. They have the 2 little antenna. The dunks have only been in there a couple days. I don’t understand though, there’s no flies or winged insects in my space at all.

If the res is aerated would that make a difference? Or does that even matter?

It’s been 6 days since adding the mosquito dunks and these fuckers are still alive. What now?

All I can think is that there have to be adults laying new eggs. The life cycle is 2-4 weeks. You might be watching successive generations hatch and starve.

There’s no flies in my grow area or even where I live, at all. I don’t understand where they’re coming from.

What kind of media are you growing in? Could have been eggs in the media that are hatching over time.

Hydroton in dwc

Grab the Q from BAS. Make a solution to drench and foliar your setup and plants with. This will help with suffocating them and keeping a layer of your application on the surface longer to help enduce said suffocating of little pests.

Throw in a little em1, dr bronners hemp Castile peppermint soap or sub that for a peppermint oil since q would be hopefully utilized, og biowar foliar pack, and some good ol aloe concentrate, foliar with lights off /night, allow for up to 2/3 hours of dry time before going back to light to avoid burning plant tissue.

Top dress your beds/pots with sand, this will also suffocate said pests. Make a similar drench to what the solution is above and drench dressed up bed and add Athena ipm for root zone application from drenching.

Hope some of this helps

Nvm didn’t see you were dwc till just now disregard the soil /media based application

I appreciate the input though, thanks.