Wet Weight to Dry Weight estimation conversions (BHO extraction)

Since wet weight is heavier then dry weight (palm to forehead)…
it goes to say that when filling ones column [5lb capacity column], since its wet weight there is actually less physical material being used for the extraction. even if one packs the column conservatively. Therefore the yield from the FRESH FROZEN/LIVE RESIN/ WET material extraction, could yield about the same one would if it was a dry cured material extraction.

In this example lets say the column can hold 3200g wet weight and when dry cured weight 5000g.
{the weight difference is because of the physical amount of wet material will fit in the column compared to dry material.}
skip to the yield… the dry material would yield, to be safe 10% so 500g. the wet material can yield, 90g-110g. which is 3% -3.5%.

we stop an think naturally “wow what a smaller yield its not 10 % in parallel to the starting amount of wet material weight”…

this is where i consider it to be actually on par as an amount yielded. if we convert the wet weight to dry weight (if the wet material was allowed to cure), then in speculation the wet materials extraction yield is on par to really being close to 10%… since wet weight is about 3 times heavier then dry… if we estimate that the dry cured weight is 3 quarters less then the initial wet material weight, then a converted weight of 3200, take away 3 quarters of 3200 to get 1066.6.
10% of that would be 106.6. [106g]

i never want to assume incorrectly when it comes to data… What has anyone else come across or considered on this topic?

If i need to explain further please lmk.


Calculations with buds i think your very. Close
Yet i always use a 100% wet Gives 20% dryweight
We have been selling and bying wet crops long time and prices have always been in this split


Thanks for the numbers. It helps to be able to follow along that way.:sunglasses:

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Ok i the botanist
Gave aditional info
Sativas are always lighter
So around 5 kg wet makes 1 kg dry
Indicas are naturaly denser so around
4.5 kg wet to 1 kg dry
Hybrids are Some Where inbetween
growing under leds lights give denser buds since climatecontrol is easyer
And buds openup due to heat
Making the rates difficult to be sure