Welch flush

I bought a “new” 1397 b from creiglist but it looks like it was stored under a gutter. There is some rust on the intake and I’m not sure how deep it goes or how much I can do about it. I have read on this site about doing a flush with 50/50 kerosene and vac oil this will be my first step. Should I soak it? Is there a more aggressive tactic I can use? Ive already rolled it to the door so I can do the flush outside. Is there anything to do or check before I start this thing for the first time? I’m worried about scoring the inside or otherwise ruining the pump somehow. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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I paid $800 for it did i get hosed? Not feeling the best about this purchase :sweat_smile:

I hear you, but to be perfectly honest, it looks “new” to me. it certainly hasn’t seen any abuse. it simply hasn’t been used in a loooong while.

I’ve seen what a dozen undergrads, 6 grad students, and several postdocs can do to those things in under a week, and how well the pumps bounce back. Some weeks I had to flush the same pump more than once because someone sucked water or god-knows into it repeatedly.

make sure there is fresh oil in there and fire her up!


Ok cool thanks for the encouraging info! Ill test it out when the rest of the pieces arrive and post the result. The buddy I sent to inspect and buy the pump also thanks you too lol.

Go to

Get some flushing fluid and grade 20, or better yet grade 19 pump oil.

Fill her up with oil, not over fill, run till she gets plenty warm. About 30 min or so. Flush oil and add some flushing fluid. Move it around to coat the insides. Flush out and refill with new oil. Rub again and repeat. While you’re running it, have your micron guage attached watching vac depth. After a couple flushes she should be revived and with regular changes/maintenance it shouldn’t even notice the previous abuse.