Welch diaphragm pump repair

I picked up a Welch 2546B-01 diaphragm pump at a garage sale that needs a few replacement parts (new valve knob and pressure gauge). Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Did you try the obvious?!?



Did you try RTFM? (Reading the fine manual?!?)

That may be a skill you should look into acquiring…

The query above doesn’t bring it up, but if you substitute the primary part you’re actually looking for, it’s among the first few hits

Thanks for the information. You ain’t gotta be a dick man.
You are absolutely correct, I was really stoned when I posted this, and I didn’t read the manual…
Found what parts names and part numbers that need replaced and now I’ll know what to reference when I contact Welch tomorrow.



Go fuck yourself chad

awesome. so RTFM was the correct response?

nope, not my MO…but if you insist I certainly can be.

if you didn’t actually have those skills, is pointing you in the right direction being a dick?

or are you just pissed-off cause you were too stoned to read the fine manual before asking for help?!?

you stated you purchased used…which obviously makes coming back after doing your googling for you to let you know the fine manual was only a couple of clicks away such a dickhead move…I was looking for an exploded view so you (or the next guy) could get names and part numbers.

you may have also noticed that some dick moved your post and changed the tags.

who exactly did you think is gonna look this pump up under “distillation” or “ethanol”?


I’m hansel…


Sorry @cyclopath I don’t speak text not sure what RTFM means, and I ain’t looking it up.

I haven’t been stoned a while, I drive a semi for a living, and I don’t always partake lol. Wish I could, I but live in an illegal state, and an random tested at work.

Not gonna keep arguing with you but I said what I said because you can be pretty condescending at times while trying to help. Is what it is.

I enjoy being here and soaking up the knowledge. I won’t post while stoned again lesson learned. I appreciate your trying to help.

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Appreciate the help

If you have already Read the “fucking” manual.

Email John Brock at Gardner Denver


He’s the Welch pump guy


Thanks I have read the manual twice now

I’ll email John thanks for the contact information

There are no stupid questions.

…but it turns out there are a whole bunch of fucking worthless search queries.

What’s wrong with documenting some of the useful ones?

What you read as condescending I propose is pitching the response below the enquirers level…not because I think the person asking the question needs it pitched there, but because invariably someone who does need that extra bit of info or “no, seriously, THINK about it” to get them where they need to be is gonna read an incomplete or too high a level response and is gonna hurt somebody.

Most who need that extra nudge don’t make accounts or ask for clarification.

So I try to bake a little extra in…I get that I don’t always get it right. Sorry for being a dick

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Y’all need to stop being so negative, this toxic behavior is making the forum look bad.


Got nothing but love for all my Future family!

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