We Need a Pre-Owned Dual Stage 6" Wiped Film

Hey Gang,

We are looking for a Pre-owned Dual-Stage 6" wiped film.

No specific brand, just a good working dual stage

Please feel free to reach out to us at 844-404-4588 with what you have!

Just mention this post when calling

Thank you

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@Cannachem has a kd6 for 200 amd change

dual stage?

Yes ma’am

@cannabisinvetment on ig has a single kd10 for 140. Don’t know how much adding the 2nd stage is

May be putting this to use within the next 2 weeks. Call me if u wanna get my info sheet on it i can shoot it to u.
Will update if its gone within next week, probably will be.
Rebuilt, includes extra parts kit and WEG motor for pumps. Lots of other extras. PLC Data Automation.