We lost @fresh two nights ago

@Fresh wasn’t very active here but he was a great dude and passed way too early. If anyone knew him and wants to pass on condolences, I’ve been in touch with his family and can help you reach out, just DM me.


A major loss!! I never got the chance to meet him but he was always writing me on instagram and taking the time to send positive messages and be a good person! I was really excited to meet up with him at mjbizcon and now that will never happen.

:frowning: fuck


Damn. That’s awful. He’s from my home state and he would send me a message from time to time.

Do you know if he has a donation page, for funeral expenses and other stuff


I’ve asked and am waiting to hear. His brother has appreciated the thoughts gathered here so far though, so keep it coming DM or otherwise.

As a fellow of his home state, I know it hits a little harder.