we have the best cbd credit card processing.

We havebeen in the Credit card processing industry for 18 years now and moved over to high risk about 4 years ago. We process for over 100 CBD Companies and 9 out of the 10 biggest companies on the market. If anyone is interested in more information Email me at chad@cbdoildomesticprocessing.com

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Would you be able to process cards for Good Life Gang membership? No product sales, only memberships.

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Yessir we could. However because it is a service that talks about cannabis and CBD and hemp it will be hard to get approved for low risk. Send me an email and we can talk further. Will have to talk to my CEO(Father) about it.


Your probably looking for low risk, but Zodaka seems like a solid new payment processor. We just met some of their crew at the IndoExpo and they were super knowledgable.


hey I’ve just heard the news about Elavon and need a new card processor.

Absolutely! I can take care of that! Shoot me an email at the email above or at chad@hempicated.com and I can get everything out to you.