We are experiencing air hole blockage on our distillate cartridges, can anybody help trouble shoot?



We are a distillate producer and vape pen distributor. We use a 90% ish thc distillate +10% plant terpenes for our cartridges. Recently we have had a VERY high complaint rate over cartridges air hole being fully or partially plugged. We never had this issue for our first 2-3000 units sold. When re opening the tip it does appear that the oil is seeping into the air hole in the middle but not entirely sure if this is the issue for all of the,
Potential reasons I thought:

  • we recently switched to a 10% terp mix rather than 10% terp and 10% viscosity - so maybe the higher temperatures required are causing oil to seap into the ceramic core and into air hole?
  • we also have been filling the cartridges more/higher and the oil could be seaping over the top

If anybody has any good trouble shooting methods or ideas of what could be happening that would be deeply appreciated, we might have to recall 5000 carts!!!


Is your cart supply super cheap and chinese? The company I work for had to switch suppliers 3 times until we found one with a <20% fail rate.

Edit: I’ve heard it’s because they make sure your first shipment is all done well, then they get sloppy and assume you won’t test them anymore.


All of producers are chinese, as for being " cheap " i don’t know how to answer that really, i’m using Transpring which was the largest manufacturer before Smor/CCELL took off.


More smorschnaps lol.


Well, you get what you pay for generally. If you’re paying 20 cents per cart you have to expect a high fail rate.

There’s no reason at all you should have problems cutting at 10% unless the cartridge itself is faulty or the holes are too big/small.


If customer suck too hard in warm climates, vapor path clog with oil…


Were in Canada mid winter so maybe the cold is causing condensation?


I use Ikrusher and have been for a few yrs and every model of cart i have used from rhem has a leak rate well below 1% my current model im using is probably 1/10 of 1% if i had to put a number on it


Most reputable companies are charging approx the same, definitely don’t know of any that are 20 cents though.


That was just a number, sorry, I have no idea how much a cart should cost, not my department.


Closer to $1?

Also not my department. But I like having numbers on stuff…


2.75 when buying 100s of not cheap ones


1.85 for ccell knock offs


That’s what happens when you buy clones. You’ll go through a few thousand fine then a batch will just clogs halfway through. This is the reason I started using only AUTHENTIC ccells from authorized redistributors. Sure they cost me 2x as much but not having to deal with lost sales from bad batches and the time to deal with customer service from that is worth it. I would make more $/cart selling clones but I have lost lots of long term business but using clones and for me that justifys the extra cost.


Ccells are the best especially fir sauce


I likes the v9s… I been think n about switching to the ccells… or just adding them to the lineup and slowly fade out what don’t move…


Are you using the CCELL pop tops or the twist ons? i’m thinking of making the switch


Are you using the CCELL pop tops or the twist ons? i’m thinking of making the switch


are you using the twist top refillables or the pop top no refillables


with all “cheap cell” comments set aside @concrete902 your reason for clog or failure could be an array of many reasons, but it sounds like you started with a cell that was meant for higher viscosity material and not your current mix, your consumer using this cell on a reg temped 510 battery will experience air flow clogs or it wont hit at all because the concentrate isnt recieving correct heat due to its lowered viscosity, the consumer will than be stuck with there battery on the highest setting burning up your valuable medicine while receiving baby poofs, your cells sitting at room temp already filled with incorrect intake hole size will be your reasoning as to why theres a little goo collection in the tip, or having to keep your battery on such a high setting, change your cells intake size hole and your problem should be solved or remove the material from the cells and thin it out, hope we could help!