Wavy distillate

Hi guys I am having an issue with wavy distillate and was wondering if there is a solution or if I am doing something wrong

I distilled winterized bho crude did two passes did not go above 230 first pass the vacuum gauge was at 443 second pass was done at 220 vacuum was 417 and got this

Sounds like your distillation was a little hot, results look pretty typical. Good job! Remember, what you got is a mixture of cannabinoids. Your optical rotation may vary!

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What do you mean optical rotation will vary? If I isolate a certain cannabinoid it will not have the lines? How may I get rid of them I have been told to throw it on a heated stirring mantel and let it mix for a few hours at 33c but not sure

my 18year old says this strategy it too difficult.


I on the other hand agree with the “seven league boots for the mind” descriptor given to me when I was introduced to it almost 20 years ago by a postdoc from Stanford.

Edit: I’m referring to the engine not the query.


Thank you for your time and help!

Thank you for your help and time!!!


IMO, the phenomenon you are observing probably has more to do with minor variations in concentration of the major cannabinoid (presumably delta 9 THC if you got the conditions on point) affecting the (local) refractive index than the differences in optical rotation (chirality) of the various cannabinoids in your jar.

see Schlieren lines for an explanation. Or watch this video

the advice you were given (warm it and homogenize) was sound.

Caveat: if you missed the mark, and isomerized a significant chunk of your delta9 to delta8 or delta10/10a, then @Soxhlet’s “optical rotation may vary” comes into play.

If your 3rd party analytics come back at less than 85% delta-9 THC (or CBD if that was your target), request a chromatogram so you can figure out what’s going on.


It could very well be Schlieren lines, the thick nature of the oil may allow the phenomenon to persist past the point of the alcohol water example you gave. If that’s the case, then indeed mixing may solve your problem.

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@Soxhlet @cyclopath Thank You Greatly appreciate your time and help! :vulcan_salute: