Water soluble toll processing, your isolate/distillate into water soluble

Hi Future community , happy to be writing our first post on this much needed site. Thanks @Future

Just to cut to the chase -
We will be accepting new jobs for toll processing of isolate / distillate into water soluble starting next week (11/5/18).

Pricing if you were to provide Isolate-
Clearwater at 15% CBD by Weight

*For every kg of Isolate you provide we are able to manufacture 6.6 kg of Clear Water Liquid - $11,320.00 for 6.6 kg

Powder at 10% CBD by Weight

*For every kg of Isolate you provide we are able to manufacture 10.0 kg of “WS” Powder - $21,200 for 10kg

** Distillate return will depend on starting total cannabinoid percentage**

Our product is not NANO , we are proud to have a non-nano water soluble that is sure to never come out of solution.Our process is semi- proprietary but we are consistently more transparent than most of our competition. What makes our product better than NANO is that we turn the crystalline CBD molecules amorphous , which means that instead of the molecules being very small ( 25micron ) we have no individual CBD molecules in the solution. Not to mention , there is emerging science that has shown a correlation between NANO particles and interference with Mitochondrial communication. Not trying to talk NANO down, it needs more research. We are about to get some tests done so we can show on paper how bio-available our product is , but we estimate it to be close to 90% bio-available just based on the chemists knowledge and how it feels compared to oil based or NANO products. We always like to send samples out so that you can see for yourself how our products function and we believe they really speak for themselves.

The details -

-Our water soluble comes in both Isolate and full spectrum , in both Powder and Liquid.
-The powder comes as 10% CBD by weight
-The liquid can be 10-15% depending on the application
-Isolate has very little to no noticible taste , if you put 60mg in 8oz water you may taste something.
-Full spectrum retains the terpene profiles, slight taste and smell, but can be enjoyable.
-All 3 ingredients are GRAS , NO CHEMICALS

If you are interested , feel free to call me at 401-318-5966
or email me at josh@gramsdistribuiton.com

I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

White Label Products

  • CBD drink mix

-CBD energy drink

-CBD pre and post work out

-CBD soluble fiber

-CBD opioid buster

-CBD chamomile tea

-CBD effervescent

-CBD freeze ( pain spray )

-CBD bioice (pain gel )

-CBD nasal spray

-CBD massage oil

-CBD sublingual drops

-CBD smoothie powder


Hey GramsDistribution, Im interested in the WS powder but I need to be transparent with my customers and tell them what is in the product. So what do I put on the label for the “other” 90% of the WS powder that is not CBD ?

sunflower lecithin , plant lipids , and MCT M10 / M8. All natural , and safe to consume everyday.

Hope that helps @100ways


do you have a GRAS designation?

All of our ingredients other than CBD are certified GRAS. CBD will soon be GRAS im sure.

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The email address is wrong on this post Josh. I sent an email to John from off he website

Where did all the cbd molecules go then? If there are no cbd molecules in solution what is in there then?


Its an amorphous solution , so the definition of the molecules are no longer defined.

Hope that clarifies your question.

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No unfortunately it does not. Glass is an amorphous solid because of its packing structure, the molecules are the same, just the bulk material has certain physical properties.

So you cannot change the molecule and still call it CBD. So what are you doing again?


Clearly you do not know what a molecule is either. It would be equally as incorrect to say in a nanoemulsion the molecule size is 25 micron. First of all, that would not be a nanoemulsion. A nanoemulsion by definition is below 1 micron. Secondly that is not the size of the molecule but rather, an clump of molecules.

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Mainly liposomal micro-emulsions / increasing solubility / bioavailability through chemistry .I would be happy to have a conference call with you and our chemist so you can learn more about our tech if you’re genuinly interested.

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sounds like this will come out of solution.
do you have a long shelf life trial running yet?


Is there any stability or BUD testing here?

Can you provide some studies that show your claim that liposomal micro-emulsions of CBD in terms of bioavailabilty is superior and please it must be specific to CBD and a legitimate source of information.

In addition where have you heard that NANO-emulsified CBD is bad in any way and somehow interferes with “Mitochondrial Communication”. You may be talking about metal nano-particle toxicity and this is NOT applicable to liposomal emulsification.

Also your quote, “No Chemicals” CBD is a chemical, water is a chemical, oxygen that you breath is a chemical.

Before you spread misinformation to sell your useless skill-less process please consider you may be trying your bogus advertising on people who know a thing or two.

I would love to speak with your chemist by the way.


Nothing on paper yet , but we have bottles of various dilution rates at the lab that have been sitting for a period of over a year , no separation yet, although you have to properly emulsify or you may get floaters. If done properly our solutions are very stable.

Nothing on paper yet, bio-availability testing coming soon as well.

Your whole pitch is a dumpster fire :fire: please disappear.


isnt It funny when “chemists” use inferior emulsifiers that hold a 4:1 or worse then use catch words in an attempt To sound smart and legit.
Man, this is just the beginning too :massage_man:


I’ve used non nano zinc in an organic skincare facility to make sunscreen lol cuz who wants nano zinc in their pores? But I wanna see the research that tells me straight nano cannabinoids aren’t great for me before I go for something with 3 times the ingredients! Get your chemist on the thread😎

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The war against misinformation rages on… haha