Water in my carts

I dropped like 10gs of dist into the boiling water I was using and it got some water in it, being such a small batch I just poured the water I could out and mixed it with the usual 5% from terpscali, they came out looking weird as heck and I was told by people who were hitting them they they hit “harder”, gave him half off and told me I could charge more than regular after… its been awhile of them sitting and the part around the wick has changed back but the rest of the cart still is the color it was when I mixed it. I’m thinkin the terps are just getting wicked up first making it feel “harder hitting”, what yall think?

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You might be on to something here… Maybe whatever terp is being absorbed faster allows for more bio-availability? Food for thought anyway

U need to buy a hot plate mag stirrer they are so cheap


Most likely just burning hotter because of the water. They will probably taste like burnt plastic by the end. I don’t know for certain but my theory on this has always been that the moisture disrupts the wicking mechanism from staying evenly saturated so something starts burning hot. There are volatiles that might jump sides to the water which could be getting vaped at above average concentrations but I’m not sure if there’s enough water in there to see this really pan out. I think your customer just is getting extra hot rips and likes the rush you get from the faster onset and larger vapor production.

You can remove water by spreading the oil into a thin film on a glass Pyrex dish and heating it up a couple hundred degrees (F). Takes a while but the water will evaporate without the cannabinoids once it separates into different phases. There’s other ways to do it using cellulose filters for small amounts.


Thanks for that advice haha, if I ever do drop my dist in water I’ll be doing that evaporation for sure. I do have a mag stirrer but its not very accurate, its the cheapest one that was on Amazon. I gotta reinvest into equipment soon. After that I started microwaving for short bursts and that seems like a much better alternative, its gets the whole volume nice and warm for the hot plate stirrer. I’m not nearly as knowledgeable as almost everyone on this site im sure so im curious to see if anyone else has any ideas too. Im not sure how many people would be willing to experiment with putting water in their carts though haha. I dont think its bad at all to inhale right? Its just water vapor. I regularly use a rig but the water isn’t heated up like it is in the cartridge. For this i just tried to pour the water out of the hot dist and I tried to qtip some out but I saw hairs get stuck to the dist right away I didn’t want to chance getting a bunch of cotton in it. I’d say there was maybe a ml or two in the whole 10ml of product for reference if anyone does end up wanting to experiment with it. My customer told me to do some searching into it and I am but I’m more curious about what happened than looking to recreate

You ever dab non watered reclaim vs watered. It’s harsher Forsure I’m pretty sure same applys. Once that water it’s in there it causes hot pockets like what grease does.


That makes alot of sense actually, I guess there must be hot spots all over the oil when its hitting the coil

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