Water based lubricating gel

I am aiming to make a homemade water based THC lube. Can anyone give a hint how to do this without having THC Isolate at hand? Oil based is easy to make and worked well, but that doesnt work with condoms.
Flower, Distilatte and other extracts are available, but no isolate unfortunately.
Optimal would of course to just get it to mix with normal lube from a sex shop.

Would be really helpful to just get a hint at this, I live in a country without such products on the market

Kind regards

Try mixing distillate with spit on a hot plate


Maybe @rowan will see this and respond. hes the only one i know of that worked on something like this

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Define “worked”.
Got both participants high?

Add condom. Now only one gets high?
Except condom breaks and both get high?

So make water soluble, add condom, only one gets high?

Is that a win?!?


I’m pretty sure he was working and created a cbd sex lube before he even came on future. Pretty sure his moms business revolves around the lube industry

If you’re married why do you need condoms??

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Aimed at op dear.

Not questioning the slippery slope @rowan explored with his mom.

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You are quite the cunning linguist.

That’s a weird sandwich.



Exactly, “worked” meant it got both participants high. Now I need something water sluble to only make her high, when using a condom.

Ingredients are listed (Via link above)

@rowan’s are also oil based.

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I mean you could just use mct & a transdermal cellulose as the carrier

and sheep guts

polyurethane condoms ARE oil resistant

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Protection from all the Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghd :sheep:.

No but really making a lube is super easy. Made quite a few myself as it does tend to “get things going” for a better use of words.

I agree with @cyclopath proper ppe must be used when relative.

Take water miscible carrier base, mixy mixy on high sheer or nano and watch the magic happen.

It can also be applied to blood pins(tampons) for relief of cramps and discomfort for ladies.