Washing and reusing silica gel

After you silica is spent is there anyway to wash it with clean solvent and make it so you can reuse the silica ?

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Depends what silica, and what you intend to use it for. Some principle charachteristics become rapidly expended even when you wash it. Some basic use can be had if you aren’t aiming for those expended effects you get on virgin media.

Can’t you bake it in a kiln to reuse it?

Maybe a hot hexane wash and then a kiln as @Future said

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So basically it sounds like just easier to find a cheaper source of silica then try and wash and reuse

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We used to flush it with ethanol or ethyl acetate once we finished using a column. You can the put it into an oven followed by storage in a desiccator.


If you mean molsiv beads, can’t you just toss them in the vac oven for a few hours at 250F?

if being the operative word here.

yes, that will work for molsieves.
no, we are not discussing molsieves.

oi… you cant clean a media with a solvent that has similar selectivity as your original mobile phase solvent.

Acetone wash, bake in kiln/ vacuum oven, store with dessicator

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250/ 300. C is what molsieves need not F


250 F is121C not enough to clean your mol sieves !

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C18 silica recycling would be suuuuuper nice to have- any tips?

Hit it with MeCN and then pull vacuum on it. It’s the same way you’d clean silica…use the same type of mobile phase to clean out the stationary phase. Ethanol cleans silica; hexane/MeCN cleans out c-18.


thats… super awesome.

Cleaning_and_maintaining_C-18_columns.pdf (60.8 KB)