WANTED Trim in Michigan, indoor,outdoor,greenhouse

Hey everyone, I’m trying to help a lab in Michigan that is in need of some trim at a reasonable price.

License to license recreational

Any leads? and anyone wanna share current price points they see?


Do it on toll… otherwise just check Craigslist, and I’m serious about that… thank me later… good luck

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What is a reasonable price and what lab?

Recently seen post in North & South Cal (Sacramento/Los Angeles/IE), starts at $20 per unit, no certificates of analysis mentioned.

I’ve seen $75-$100/lb currently on untested or maybe potency R&D only tested trim but I haven’t really been doing a lot of wheeling and dealing so I’m not sure if that price holds up. Fairly recent though that I saw that price point.

… Trim testing clean, with high potency commands better value. What I find challenging is fair pricing per unit, where is a current potency chart pointing too
value(s) ?