Wanted: Hydrocarbon Extraction Technician w/ Experience in NE Ohio

Company is a licensed stand-alone processor in NE Ohio (just east of Cleveland), doing exclusively hydrocarbon extraction and manufacturing. Hiring for an extraction technician position (w/ experience).

Pay rate is negotiable based on experience, somewhere between 20-25/hr, relocation assistance possible for the right candidate though local-ish is always nice (though I’m not sure how many experienced operators are here in NE Ohio, they had to bring me out from Cali)

Our current senior extraction technician is going to be departing in the next 3 to 4 months for family reasons, we want to find a stellar individual to be ready to step into his role prior to his departure, while he is still here to work on ensuring the hand-off and transition is as seamless as possible. We’ve got other technicians but none have the experience yet to take over his role and we don’t want to start fresh on this hire.

The role has room for growth, we’re expanding and growing rapidly. We want a candidate ready to take a crack at stepping into a leadership position once they’ve found their feet here and they will be able to grow as we do.

Looking for someone who is ready for an opportunity in a rapidly growing market that’s heading recreational next year, who wants to work w/ some great equipment and other experienced individuals.

Required Experience (bare minimum):

CLS Extraction Experience is a must, we operate an ETS MEP70 system, familiarity w/ that is a bonus but at the end of the day they’re all just a series of tubes and knobs right?

Basic Post Processing: You should know how to make most standard outputs, we’ll teach and refine what you don’t know so if you’re not a master of diamonds that’s ok just be upfront with me.

Lab Safety/Good Habits: I don’t want someone I’m going to be having to shout at for sparking a jay in the C1D1 or who doesn’t ‘believe in PPE’ (honest to god had a guy look me dead in the eyes and tell me that once). You don’t have to have the fire codes memorized but you should have a pretty firm handle on good lab practices and safety coming in.

Honestly we’re a great company to work for. We’re not a big MSO, but we’re also not a bunch of ego’s in the room politics like you can get w/ some of the super small companies. Business is booming and there’s a lot of scramble as we expand which is either a huge plus or a huge negative depending on you. I like it, figuring out how to increase throughput and refine processes to keep up with demand are the fun problems to solve!

Anyway, if this sounds like an opportunity you’d be interested in exploring, shoot a resume over to me at AlexS@LighthouseSci.com and we can chat. Hope to talk soon!


How is the Ohio market?

Growing! Rec should be here next year which will be massive for all of us. Big change from some of the other states I’ve been in, that’s for sure. California rec market it is not! That said, it’s a solid market. Some of the rules can be frustrating (or abjectly broken…like if you fail for RST you have to destroy the batch even if it’s an in-process bulk batch, and they don’t allow R&D testing, but they DO allow you test internally so it’s whatever, we have a GC) but one of the nice things is the limited license structure. Less competition and it’s kept prices high unlike the race to the bottom in so many other places. We’re getting $60 a unit for live resin concentrates, you’re not seeing that in CA!


That’s great!

Glad to see some states know what they are doing

What are the solvent limits there? Is it easy to fail a batch?

In house gcms sounds lovely!

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Nice city too, don’t miss the winters but love the lakes.

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Solvent limits are the standard 5k ppm so fails are the result of a mess-up, but before we bought our own GC it was frustrating. Wouldn’t be an issue if you could run R&D tests right? Sometimes HTE layers hold onto more tane than you thought or labs screw up and report wonky results that can be a headache to deal with. had a batch of disty fail for ethanol, which we don’t even extract with, showed clean on my GC, but took 3 weeks and 2 additional tests with 2 other labs for the state to let us not destroy the batch.

Final (real) result on it was ND across the board lol.


Let’s set up my delta cup 15 and run the disti market out there


I was running one of those back in California, solid little machine. Honestly I prefer hydrocarbon crude for disty runs though, just comes out better and quantity isn’t the issue currrently. When rec comes we’ll probably add in ethanol extraction for volume (and a wiped film) but for now we’re more than able to keep up w/ a shortpath (I know, I know, shortpath, just can’t justify a wiper rn). We’re mostly disty free. Our vapes are all decarbed diamonds and HTE, only use disty for topicals/edibles.


Part of the issue is that Ohio doesn’t (currently, though it’s being looked at changing here in the near future) allow ‘lateral’ or license to license wholesale transfers. You can only go Cultivator to Dispensary or Cultivator to Processor to Dispensary. No Processor to Processor sales/transfers (for some dumbass resason) so there’s no wholesale disty market. You only need what you need.


Emailed you. I own a top 10 extraction brand in CA.

Replied! Thanks for reaching out!

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