WANTED 90%+ Compliant D8 Distillate

Please let me know. 90% compliant D8 distillate hemp derived. COA is a must.

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I saw earlier there’s a few close ones, and according to kca they have a compliant sample.

Meanwhile the market has 86% dirty ass d8 for 700 a L. I told a few dudes to fuck right off for good. Clearly they knew it was dirty always been dirty and sometimes even with free poisons lol

Whomever got it down is a true G.


Wow $700 that’s not much more then the cost of the isolate, materials and labor lol


Cuz it’s dirty and the alarms are ringing. I told the dude I’d pay 500 to make some edibles but no dice.

I imagine the rooms full of carts sitting full of dirty disti. And they are all freaking out that’s why the are offering low prices on everything they manufactured this year

Eh 90% yield on 300$ isolate that’s like 360-400$ for isolate costs then 75 for materials and 150$ for labor? That’s still only 625


Right let me spend 625 to make 700 :laughing::laughing:


Returns YO!

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Let’s bottom out the price so we can only make 75 bucks.

At least it’s selling tho right ?? :laughing::laughing::laughing::sob::sob::sob:


Oh I’m sure last week it was the disti he was slanging at 1200 a L and then more and more shit kept coming out. What amazes me is the labs basically saying yeah we will pass your D8 we have a way just order like this. Like what the fuck

Also some fucking schmuck babyfaced bro mid March was huffin and puffin he had 10k disposable D8 carts ready to go 100@10 a pop. Now he somehow abandoned his investment and is down to 5 on any order size. As if the ship doesn’t have smoke already.

where are you located? I’m in Michigan and have 95% Distillate

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D8 or d9?


I have 94% compliance and DEA certification contactor me at 9709485379 Alberto

I’ve got it at $950 per liter. 98.45% D8 with non-detect D9.

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I make great steak fajitas. Really. Top tier stuff. 98% pure better than street tacos


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