Want to buy 15% or great biomass

Name:Max Taylor
Company Name:Alpha Omega
Contact Info:maxtay85@icloud.com

Paying $45 per lb 12,000 lbs needed

Have you asked Santa?


Did last week

Theres 7-10% stuff in Trinity County ranging from $20-22/lb with over 50,000 lbs available weekly.

There’s $30-32/lb stuff that’s pure sugar trim, testing at 10-15%, with COAs, all professionally done with triminators to remove sticks & water leaf so all you get is pure sugar trim with the kief added back in the bag like it should be. There is also plenty over 20,000 lbs available weekly

Also there’s 15,000 lbs a week of 8-10% stuff in Modesto at $25-27

Got squeeze test videos made too.

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Cbd bio?