WA State engineers?


I’m wondering if anyone can recommend to me a licensed engineer in WA to help me get a I-502 lab designed and built to compliance standards.

I am aware of Tom Olson from Kirkland Dynamics/Essential Process. Do you know of any others?


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Have you tried calling Johnston Engineering in Spokane?
johnstonpe dot com

Depending on your timing requirements I could get licensed via comity in WA.

Thanks guys.

I ended up finding someone through a contractor friend of mine. All went well, we got approved the first time.

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Congrats, glad to hear that.

Can I ask what the process what like? I was recently hired by a tier 3 to oversee the lab. We have some equipment that needs to be approved but I’m having trouble finding engineers. The only quote I have so far was $15k to update blueprints and do a new facility analysis. Not to mention $4500 for PSI to field verify.

When you say update blueprints…how many? Update how?

That seems pretty standard for adding MEP and additional walls

3P Certz… they are licensed and located in Washington. Have used them a few times, they are awesome

@TheGratefulPhil The FD and LCB require a floor plan update showing the new equipment location as well as all required ventilation etc…

@roguescience thank you, 3P was highly recommended. I have reached out to them but haven’t heard back.

As far as I know 3P Certz mostly does certification reports for extractors. I haven’t heard of them drawing plans for a facility, and if they do, I’m guessing they are going to charge a lot.

The process is the same one you have to go through as if you were moving a license. You have to provide a new floor plan/site plan, operating plan, and possibly financial report. Then for equipment it depends on what kind you’re adding. Hydrocarbon needs an engineer to draw your plans, and it’s own 3rd party certification for the unit. Then the MJ Examiner needs to certify THAT certification :roll_eyes:. The drawings will need to go to the city for permitting. That’s where the Fire Marshall will see them. They will redline the plans and send them back. Once you’re through permitting and build out, the engineer will come back and inspect your hydrocarbon room. Then the Fire Marshall and Building Inspector will do inspection. Then, once you’ve wasted months of time, and tens of thousands of dollars, the LCB will come do their inspection.

EZ right?

I’ll ask my engineer if he wants to take on another project. Perhaps post or message me some details so I can give him a scope of the work.

Good luck

I have been trying to get a hold of them for a few weeks to get a drawing over there for a client. I have emailed like 25 times, and there is no other contact info on the web page. You got a good way to get into contact with these folks?

who did you end up going with that got you approved the first time? Were you in Spokane or Spokane valley?

I believe he is on the westside

Tacoma. I used a local guy Andy Herrick from Siderule