W1 for ethanol shatter?

I’ve read a little bit about w1 for butane application I was looking into maybe trying it with ethanol extraction using a Büchner funnel I can’t find anything on this site about it does anyone have any input I currently use t5 and carbon

If I’m correct this is a “no go”

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Try it and let us know. Most of these adsorbents perform better with a hydrocarbon than alcohol but give it a shot and bring pictures

Drying out epsom salt and placing this as your top layer in the Buchner will help for it will dry your etho before hitting the clay


Does the w1 flow faster or close to as fast as Celite 545 would?

With ethanol ?

Yes the celite flows extremely fast at -60c compared to other powders which almost don’t flow at all and I see everyone boasting about how much faster the w1 flows compared to other then powders so I was wondering how it stacked up against the celite as far as flowrate is concerned

W1 does not work for ethanol :confused:



No luck? Can u give us more info on what you tried?


I tried to replace celite with it because ialot of people Said it’s fast flowing I cryo filtered with it celite is abt twice as fast my solution came out greener than when I used celite I used as was recommended for butane which I’ve seen 100 grams per lb of trim I ran 5 lbs of trim with 10 liters of etoh I haven’t roto’d yet I still need to post process

Why would you ever replace celite with w1.

Celite is a filter media, not a remediation media. Nobody I’ve ever heard of is using celite that way because celite doesn’t do anything other than filter fines

its magic dirt for CRC
so chuck it in, and have a see

it didn’t work. he told us so.
get it man? it’s science bro.


Oh I get it. Just not sure why he thought that was even worth trying.

Should we start ignoring when people do things that are costly and don’t make sense? In the name of science?

Come on now.

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no, not at all.

just reminding us all of @Beaker’s words.

edit: although it’s not clear to me I was any better…but I just do what the voices tell me :wink:


I asked why he would replace celite (the cheapest filter media ever) with w1 (one of the most expensive media’s on the market). And use it at 100g per lb like suggested for butane? Wtf?

Also one of them is meant for color remediation, the other is used for filtering fines and does no color remediation.

Celite in a filter cake is essentially 0 micron and that’s why it’s so slow. When he says that there was more of a green color using the w1, that’s because there’s fines slipping by.

I wasn’t being rude before, but now I’m just irritated that I even have to explain myself… Just asking why he decided to do that when all the evidence available says that’s costly and a waste of time…

@Extractor921 if you want to crc etho extract,
Recover all your solvent in your roto, dilute your crude into a non polar solvent a (Heptane, hexane, pentane) and then run it through the w1. That will work.

I know celite does nothing for crc that’s why I tried using w1 in Buchner in its place and my only attempt came out greener than it does with the celite I get water clear through further filtration after the initial celite and I realize my statement saying w1 doesn’t work for ethanol was rather blunt haha I was just frustrated when I wrote that just need to find a better place for it I was hoping that all of the great things I heard about it would be able to eliminate further filtration and I could maybe get by with the one and done that was not the case though

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Yes I have hexane right now I do list biologists bucket tek and I achieve water clear And light gold shatter doing it all I was trying to do was figure out a faster way to avoid doing The second filtration I’m deff no chemist and there were no other threads on this site referring to w1 with ethanol extracts so I kinda just tried something left at my own devices

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Do a cleaner extraction if you want to avoid a second filtration

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