Voilatiles and bumping in roto

I just dont understand what’s going on, never had a problem with bumping before and now it just won’t stop. Haven’t changed my pump or anything. The etoh tinture goes in cool, bath set at 38-42c and the first 15 mins is just a fight till death to make it condenser without bumping. I run a big water aspirator.

My question is why is this all the sudden a problem now? It’s a nightmare and slowing my speeds down by a long shot. Also, what are these violatiles that make this happen???

How full is the bf? What’s the vac depth? Chiller or tap for cooling needs?

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I fill about a liter in my 2l BF, will check back dep here in a sec. Don’t have my gauge hooked up because I haven’t added my second cold trap yet and ethanol runs through my lines. I use a lot of ice and just use the aspirator water to chill. It’s obv not enough but it works for what I need right now

Post up a pic of your setup.

Gauge is a supco

O turned up my heat because after 15-20 mins the bumping stops completely and I run fill bore vac and increase heat alittle bit

Any vac leaks? You should have a clip between condenser the bf.

I run 48-50c bath temp also. My vac as deep at it can get (-26.5), and my chiller (i used tap, and bucket tek before), and never had it bump.

By bump, do you mean the etoh in RF under condenser is boiling, or bf wash bumping into the rf?

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Yea the etoh tinture is cool before it goes in, and right when I pull vac it just goes bananas in the bf and shoots into my rf. Maybe I can get a video of it I’m about to add some to the bf right now.

I bleed vac but dosent condense much if at all, until I can get it too stop bumping

Sounds Like a vac leak.

Like I mentioned above, mine will do that after I refill the bf. But only for a min or so until something levels off. Then back to condensing normally.

I also dont use a cold trap. If your vac lines are getting etoh in it, sounds like too much vac, and not cold enough condenser fluid/chiller.


Someone sold you denatured ethanol perhaps


Is that what happens with denatured? I’ve only used food grade.

Yea I use denatured ethanol with heptane. Just checked and it seems to have a higher boiling point them ethanol. IDK what is happening and/or different now but might be a leak checking all lines now

If your vac line is full of etoh, your vac is too high for the roto water bath, and your condenser temps are not cold enough.

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Looking like that is the problem don’t hear any leaks and my vac gauge is staying steady. Damnit! It’s never easy!!!

Thanks for the help guys, time to upgrade a few things…

I buy my ethanol from usalabs in store too so I don’t think the ethanol is spiked with other stuff other then heptane. Hopefully lol


Damn that’s sexy, what do you run through your condenser?? Why is it yellow?

Also why do you have a tube connected to your bleed vac port?

Just set up this bad boi today while extracting… man was I shaking with all this glass lol… got some stuff still need to buy but I was trying to see how low I could get my vac on my spd with my water aspirator lol😂

Feed tube

Yellow food dye to make sure no keaks.

That’s not a bleed port. That sucks fresh etoh wash Into your bf.

Gonna have to pull out a spoon soon.


on bumping - results from “too good” of a vacuum rather than too poor, a leak could be doing that but itd be on the surge back down to low vac from atmosphere.

so - assuming that your level of vacuum hasnt changed… what has changed?
only you can answer that, but i have a feeling that it has to do with your input. (starting material)
because thats usually the most volatile variable involved here. i mean same pump, same vac, same roto assembly. however the stuff started out as a plant, and that means wildly different kinds/amounts of terpenes, fats waxes and so on.

what is probably happening is that a terpene or other compound that is strain/grow specific is acting as a surfactant i was never able to pin down if it was a pesticide or something within the plant in particular strains, but who cares shits bumpin.

solutions: 1. only fill roto flask HALF FULL.
2. bump flask. https://www.google.com/search?q=bump+flask+roto&sxsrf=ACYBGNQQYqPijzV0HCM3tFdbwP3cQWlF7A:1574892499301&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj9nuvfs4vmAhVlnuAKHSP0CDwQ_AUoAXoECA4QAw&biw=1920&bih=969#imgrc=3yxpJylyLEyyNM:


Hmmm… went to take off my receiving flask. Just fell right off… luckily I caught it