Visiting Toronto 1/21 scouting for vendors

I’m currently looking to start a long term relationship with local vendors for a client. I have a few lined up during my visit but we are always looking for more options/recommendations.
The client is opening shop in a couple of months.

ASME Pressure Vessel manufactures
LPGs- isobutane, 70/30 blend, 40/40/20 blend
(Main one is 40/40/20)
Biomass disposable
Peer review engineering firms
Operator and contents insurance
Laboratory testing
-Cannabinoid Potency
-Terpene Profile
-Genetic testing
-Residual solvents
-Microbial screen
-Pesticide Analysis
-Heavy Metal

We will import solvents if the prices aren’t competitive. Everything else will be Canadian resourced.

My trip will last 7-10 days.

Also any members want to link up were always down to burn one with ya.

Vendors shoot a DM to discuss further details and we will schedule a time that works for the both of us.

Thank you