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Is anyone following the cannabis legalization in Virginia? I know the Virginia legislature passed the law to legalize cannabis. If you have any insight into the licensing process, please share.

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Might find Virginia legalizes Marijuana useful…


They already have their pay to ply shit set up, I don’t think there is going to be licensing like other states

Yeah, they royally fucked it up. HB391 which would have paved the way to early retail was shot down. Now they stuck us with HB591 which limits all cbd products under 0.25mg d9 per dose and 1mg per package. Impossible for most cbd full spec mfgs.

They let that bill (HB591) by this morning, but it’s obviously going to pass this week sometime.
Due to idiot politicians and their inability to do work for the commonwealth’s people. They all need to be sent packing.


Thanks for sharing @Miles-Beyond .

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SB591 has passed the house. It’s the end of all FS Hemp Products in Virginia. Also D8, D10, etc, but that was expected. Governor hasn’t signed it yet but I don’t see a scenario where he doesn’t.

SB391 has been pushed to 2023, so the earliest dispensaries can open is 2024 if ever. There is currently no pathway for recreational commercialization.

Virginia ended the legislative session without passing a budget at all.


Thank you for posting the update

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