Verifying Green Leaf Labs’ COA

Has anyone has experience this lab in Portland? Trying to verify a COA but they only accept voicemails and emails and I’ve yet to receive any response, which seems strange for most any business.

It is a real lab, but let me tell you if there perhaps was a fake COA is probably from Green Leaf.


I’m told by this seller that photocopies are standard practice despite the technology exist to have a digital file that can be printed into physical form….

Any recommendations on a reputable and thorough testing lab are more than welcome. Still waiting on any sort of reply from the women owned spot

Green leaf sucks


Tre insisted I contact them to verify COAs, still waiting for a response. Must keep them busy with his weekly tests.

Meanwhile SClabs answered immediately, gave pricing for different services. If anyone thinks this is about my greed, look up the cost of the tests and will gladly smash and dash the remaining trash.

Do a quick search on google about d8 and breathing problems people are having. More post than the evali scare. Keep pushing unknowns for kids to inhale labeled as pure d8 and let’s see where this ends up.

Finally got the COA street verified!

I need a full refund in this one as well