Venturi Vacuum Pump


I have quite a large screw compressor that puts out 80scfm at 120psi.
I was thinking about adopting it to run vacuum, I was hoping to get 26"hg and hook it up to a ton of vacuum ovens or use it as a central vacuum system for my shop. Does anyone have any experience with this type of setup?

That may not work, you’d be better off with real vacuum pump. In this case with the vac ovens you woulden’t really be concerned with cfm, a 7cfm or so pump should serve you well for a wall of ovens.

A single stage is 45$-100 on eBay

2 stage is $65-$200

@Soxhlet could he not piggy back one of these through at least a couple ovens?

I mean a good pump couldn’t do the job, even a cheaper one? Hell I keep adding things to my extractor and it keeps on pulling!!!

Yeah, the one pump would do it all. Cfm becomes a moot point once there isn’t any gas to move.


would work. I use that and a best value vacs carbon filter. I used to use a 7cfm best value vacs pump and it lasted me a solid 4 years before I had to get a new one. Carbon filters and oil changes are kind of a bitch but it’s easier to just buy a vacuum pump.

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I use a 0.9 Cu Ft. AI AccuTemp and it gets it to 29.9Hg in like 1-3 mins depending on oil clarity.

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