Various Purging Methods

Hello everyone,

I have not yet seen specifics on this but what are the different purging methods for various finishes that you have come by?

I am currently seeking a SOP to make crumble via vacuum oven. I use a food dehydrator along with a whipping tool to create “cookies”. I can make beautiful yellow/white cookies consistently but the method is too slow to take on more customers that want this type of finish. Suggestions are welcomed.

What other crazy methods have you all come up with?


GreyWolf liked to fully purge in the collection pot. He would build a big muffin in there, then throw the whole pot in the freezer. Then he would scrape all this powder out and purge completely in the vac oven.

Pouring is a solvent loss, and dangerous.


I Remember his cotten candy shatter tech! Sure looks impressive when that big muffin is frozen.


This is an example of what I am making right now. I may switch to doing this in a pyrex dish instead. My only concern is that my clients enjoy the presentation of the cookies.

Anyone have any idea how to create that partly crystalized sugary stuff? Trying to recreate the Tek that Oleum uses right now but have had no success yet.


Is this a pour?

In the picture you can see a food dehydrator. I’d say start there. Either that or freeze a muffin, then put into a vacuum dessicator and purge under hard vacuum in the freezer. Then let the dessicants go to work this should scavenge traces of h20.


is this tek SOP somewhere on this site good sir?

Nope. International Cannagraphic

Or try

I have a squirt bowl (for efficiency of not opening the recovery every time, barely lose any solvent at 2psi). Used to always pull down to just below 0 then open and start whipping, scraping. Too much time.
Squirt into a Pyrex and put on low heat. I have desiccant pellets in my oven as well. Aprox 80F in an oven for 20 minutes. Whip it till it’s thick.

Heat for 20 minutes. Whip it till it’s thick.
Heat 20 minutes. Whip till thick.
Remember always triple whip because it will still be purging that hour and start to bubble and become soft.
Scrape off Pyrex onto parchment and let cool overnight. Next day, solid cookie. Much easier to take off paper than glass. Whipping on paper will too often tear and give you a big mess.
Best cakes I’ve made never saw vacuum or temps above 80F. I’ve never read about anyone doing it quite my way but it works. 24 hours out of the extractor and you have a solid yellow cake. :v:


Has anyone tried this and had it tested for ppm? Looks like it works good just would be worried it’s not purged enough :man_shrugging:t2:


Anytime you’re budder up and DRY like that!

Your VOID of all ppm just about!

Budder is the lowest ppm achieved!!!


That’s interesting because I never read about cotton candy although I feel like I would have… and my friend used to do the same procedure: muffin and smash into powder. He called it gold dust. You could see the tane sparkle in the extract it was visually the equivalent of fish scale for the uninformed consumer.


That’s interesting because I made this concentrate one time using my rotovap and I evaporated some of the alcohol further in my regular oven for about 48mins and then put the pyrex dish on dry ice for about 20 mins and when I went to scrape it off it was all dust so I decided to press it with my t-shirt press with no heat and then purge it at 87°F. Was one of the best and flavorful things I ever dabbed in my lifetime.


Many many tests done at all stages. Took me over two years of trial and error to get the process down. When it’s dry, breakable, non sticky - it’s always zero ppm. The amount of exposure to air during the whips let’s all the solvent out. By the way, I used iso-butane.


Any experience you could share about using heat pads with this tek, or do you always use ovens with no vac?

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Ovens have a more precise temp, and heat the air around the material. For a while I tried to leave the pans on a seedling heat mat with a digital temp controller. Never seemed to get warm enough though. The top layer of concentrate would even ice over if it was cold enough outside.
If you have a clean lab, dust isn’t as much of an issue, but still leaving it exposed will surely get more dust than in a clean closed oven. Was never fun leaving the pans outside heating and come back to sticks and leaves in the oil!


CaptainHashBeard, reminds me of my old open blasting days lol

Yeah, This is definitely not from open! Crazy how far things have come right?

When letting it cool overnight, is it resting at room temp or are you cooling in a freezer/fridge? If so at what temp? Your honeycomb looks amazing BTW and thanks for sharing.

Just on a shelf. Freezer makes it brittle before it can cure. Never tried the fridge