Varian sputter ion/getter pump for sale

Item Model/Manufacturer: Varian Vacion model 911-5032 triode ion pump

Description: Ion getter pump with matching power supply and a Granville Philips UHV valve and ISO bolt flanged bellows.

Price/MSRP: $ 1000
Current location of item: East SF Bay area, CA
Estimated lead time: 1 day
Fulfillment: Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: N/A

Power supply comes with the high voltage ceramic insulated connector.

What would one use this for? (On label?)

Sounds like it belongs on an MS of some flavor, maybe.

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Manufacturing semiconductor components, Mass spectrometers, electron microscopes, etc.

Couldn’t fathom how someone would get use out of it in a processing lab. Just figured someone who likes to tinker could see some utility in it.

I guess in theory you could use it to sublimate THCa and grow defect free seed crystals.